Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cricket fever will never die with #UC Browser

There are many fans of Cricket all over India. It is not just a game but a matter of pride for the people to watch it and also play it. It involves faith, hope, love and belief for all the cricket fans. Be it a man or a woman, cricket has got the entire nation on its toes. It is not only related to one day match or the prestigious World Cup match. It could be a test match or also the IPL fever. Cricketers are worshipped by their fans so much so that they go crazy while watching them play in the field. They celebrate when our team wins and they cry when our team loses. It connects fans emotionally. Though, it is not the national game of our country, but it has been given more importance than any other sport in our country. 

It is a game which is watched by anyone. It has no gender, age or religious barriers. For those who eat, sleep and drink cricket, watching every match of their choice matters. They cannot tolerate any barriers between them and their cricket match. But, not always are matches played on weekends. They do not follow any specific schedule except for those important ones that are specifically played on a Sunday, for example, a Semi-final or a Final match of the cricket series. Initially, everyone depended on hand radio or pocket radio in order to listen to live commentary of the match updates. Children refuse to go to school just because they want to see an important cricket match on television. For those crazy cricket fans who have to go to work and cannot take the day off, the company gives them a relief by airing important matches on big screens within the office premises so that no one bunks office. But, this is not always possible. For those who want to watch each and every match, Internet provides a solution. Problems do not stop at this. Despite having a good system and an Internet connection, the impatient fans become more impatient when the browser speed becomes slow. The speed of the internet connection and browser speed affects the time taken for the match to load and only then can they watch the live streaming. If you have seen the latest You Tube ad, you all must be relating your situation to it. They keep rotating their head just like the browser keeps moving slowly while the video is buffering and loading slowly, owing to the not so fast net connectivity in our country.  In such situations we need something like UC browser which helps us in loading the live video fast and also helps us in watching the match without any interruption.

For me, this was the best option. I have a smart phone with a huge screen which is as good as a mini television. I have taken a good internet connection so that wherever I go, 3G comes in handy. At my workplace I have free high speed Wi-Fi which helps me watch to  matches easily. Apart from these, I have downloaded the UC Browser on my phone. This helps me watch the live streaming of the match without any interruption. My husband is also a great cricket enthusiast like me. He also has UC Browser which helps him get a regular update of the match. We can surely watch the match the next day or in few hours on You Tube but there’s no excitement and fun because the results are out and the suspense has been unveiled by all the sports and the news channels. I prefer watching it on the Internet in my system, but using a smart phone is better because I can watch it anywhere. I do not have any restrictions. I can watch it even while travelling if I have got a good Internet connectivity. UC browser enhances the speed and helps the cricket match streaming to be seen properly just like we are watching on television. It is a boon for the cricket fans who would love to enjoy the action that happens when each ball is delivered. My husband is a cricket buff. Much more compared to what I am. One day, we had to go out to meet a relative of ours and the journey was quite long. My husband did not want to miss the Indi-Pak match also. So, I decided to drive; Since UC Browser was there in mine and his phone, he decided to watch the live streaming on his mobile and also kept giving me the updates. By the time we reached our relative’s place he did not miss out on anything. Everyone was happy. I didn’t disappoint my relatives as well as my husband. It was such a relief. If son is a cricket buff, father ought to be more, especially when he himself has represented his state in cricket matches. We were on a holiday at Wayanad when my father-in-law wanted to watch the India- Australia match desperately. We managed to teach him to use his smart phone properly and we downloaded UC Browser for him which helped him to check out the live streaming without interruption. We had gone for a sight seeing tour where we located a place for him to sit and enjoy the match while we could go and visit the caves and the scenic beauty around.  In many ways UC browser has helped me and my family. Most of my problems have been solved because of this. 

So, once you have UC browser you can go to UC Cricket where you can enjoy all the features like Live updates , schedule of matches, watch videos, check the latest news, find out the results and much more. It is a one stop solution for anything related to cricket. Just like it is shown in this picture. ( Image Courtesy :

Thanks to and UC Cricket. If you are a cricket buff and are suffering from a bad internet connection please download UC Browser right now. Check out the UC Browser Video here : 

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