Sunday, September 27, 2015

The 'Mantra' of life

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After having lived 28 years of a successful life I find it difficult to name those who have been a major part in helping me become the person I am today. In any child's life parents have the first hand in moulding  their personality. The first #SachchiAdvice any child would receive is from his/her parents. It was the same case with me. Be it learning to talk or to walk, it was my parents who spent their time in making me able to do the basic day to day activities. I cannot point out a single event which has changed my life. Whatever parents have done from my birth till date has been a #SachchiAdvice. One cannot rate their advice. Whatever they had said so far and will be saying is always for our good. That doesn't mean I do not have a clash of opinions with my parents but eventually I realize that their point of view is solely for my benefit. They do not have any hidden motive behind advising me. Life gets simpler then. 

After parents, I have my grandparents who have  taught me everything based on their life's experience. They might have been traditional but their practical approach towards life at times has helped me in being connected to my culture and my roots till date. Who else would give those special home remedies for sore throat, cold, stomach ache and fever? I have had extreme benefits after gulping those tulsi and ginger based concoctions for curing my sore throat problems. Grandparents were the ones to turn to for support when parents were angry with me. They gave the life's best advise in such an easy and loving way that following them was never troublesome. 

When I went to school, the teachers who taught me started playing a major role in giving simple advises which have made me more disciplined and organized in life. Like every student I also wanted to be in the good books of my teachers always and in this course I learnt to be obedient as a person. With every step in life the number of people influencing me started increasing. I had to stay in the hostel away from home for my graduation and post graduation. All the professors who taught various subjects, the hostel warden who helped me in coping with home sickness, the security guard who was kind enough to ease my in time to the hostel after the library reading  sessions and the awesome friends who were always there with me through thick and thin have added more value to my life. Friends in college and hostel were like family when I was away from home. Every individual with whom I had a longer interaction with has influenced my life in some way or the other. Every word told by others is not an advice but when we look at the practical applicability of those thoughts they can be life's best the best advice. 

After college comes the first work place. The first time I went into the corporate world. The employees in a work place taught me the corporate mantra. Dealing with people, managing staff, dealing with confusions and handling the worst situations with a smile was what I learnt at my first work place. The same continues in my current work place too. 

Life's biggest lesson that I have learnt and am constantly learning is from my husband. He taught me about love, friendship, honesty, truthfulness, having faith in a relationship and dealing with emotional troubles. His patient and forgiving nature made me more calm. I learnt to travel, to appreciate world more, to look at life positively, to fight with my inner fears and to appreciate myself. I knew that I had taken the right advice given by my heart and mind when I chose him.   I feel that it is not just one individual who influences our life with their advice. I have been influenced by every individual with whom I have had a close association with and I feel proud to have such wonderful people around me who are always ready to guide me. 


Unknown said...

How did I miss seeing this post ? Glad I saw it now :) yet again very beautiful and was oh so touched at th end! Lots of love to both of you

Power of Words said...

Thanks Sandy for being one of those who has a great influence in my life :-)

Unknown said...

I'm more than happy to know that Archu :) you are such an inspiration to many of us