Monday, April 7, 2008


Confusion has got some role in our life . Some people get confused easily cause either they are bound to get confused or they stay in confusion always. I have seen people who are always confused and make others too... Talking about myself, I can say, that I do get confused ... a lot at times but some people in my world have the ability to confuse me very easily!! Must thank them beacuse when i get confused i do crazy things. I talk irrelevant things, my actions go haywire. My friends and my close ones get tired and they say," Oh !! God !! What's wrong with this girl? Has she gone nuts???" Even those who take my VIVA-VOCE try to confuse me and when I get confused i'll give a new answer but it'll be fun. It's fun to shock people at times!! Just like Center Shock!! Sweet initially and then we get a shock in out tongue(a tingling sour taste).
My friends generally leave me in my confused state as they know i'll be back to normal soon. Too much of work, tension and excitement also leads to confusion but i know the way out. I need to give my mind rest then. I stop thinking ;either logically ot illogically and i come out of it.

hmmm.......... after reading this are u all in a confusion about me??? Must be, as this post is written in a state of confusion!!

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