Friday, December 5, 2008

Nature Speaks


On 1st of Decemeber 2008, at about 7:00PM, when the sky was pitch dark, I came out of my house and saw the sky smiling at me. I removed my glasses, rubbed my eyes and looked again. Yes, it was the sky smiling at me. We often tend to see images in the sky and according to our imagination we describe them but this time it was real.

There were 2 planets adjacent to each other and vertically down in the center was the moon, in the shape of a cusp(half cusp). This looked an emoticon- A Smiley that we all use daily to emote our happiness.

The image was perfect but each time I tried to capture it, I couldn't. I desparately wanted a good camera which could capture such a rare occurence. I managed to get a camera phone and asked my friend to click one for me. The pictures were not so clear though.
Isn't it an expression of Nature???


PD said...

Yes, it was a rare occasion..
don't worry you'll have camera after sometimes.. when you'll get a good job and will bye your own.. :)

डॉ .अनुराग said...

rare moments....