Friday, December 5, 2008

The unique feature in VIT

The only college I know of, that is separated by a train track, that is VIT. Life can come to a stand still but the trains cannot. They keep moving to and from Chennai to Bangalore and it's a wonderful view. The rumbling sound of the trains makes the place lively.

In moments when I felt lonely, the rumbling sound made my those wheels on the track, made me feel that there was not at end to life. It was irritating initially but at the end of three years it became a part of life.

If someone would ask me what I miss the most, my reply would be : ' I miss watching the train and hearing the whistel.'


Peyush said...

Interesting fact! I never heard of this before.

Ashu said...

Sahi hai, but how can u forget the Security guards, whistling all the Time.