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It's 7:00 Pm and I am in the library, sitting in front of the computer and typing my new blog post.

This post is really something importatnt as after a very long time I felt happy and excited to write about something in my blog. This is a crucial time in my study hour and I could have written my blog post later but there was something that pulled me from my study table towards the computer. Anatomy and Physiology books could no longer stop me...... I was a bit worried for the past few days thinking that I am able to give time much to myself. Flava was one such event which just rejuvinated my soul.

Flava is a food fest which is organized by the students KMC Manipal every year during the month of April. There are food stalls from the different regions in India followed by a cultural programme given by the respective state. As the name suggests, It's about the different flavours. It brings alive the diversity that exists in India. The essence of the Indian culture.

It was not until Tuesday that I even felt like mentioning about any of my experiences in my blog.There have been many cultural programmes that I have attended after coming to Manipal, like Keli, Parlon, Food carnival, Spandana and Utsav and I have also enjoyed a lot but never ever did I feel a sense of satisfaction until I attended Flava. It really added flavour in my life, which apparently was going through a stage where it was only concerned with Anatomy,Physiology, Bio-Chemistry, the daily routine, college life, friends etc..etc................ I needed to just relax and enjoy and what could be better for a food freak like me!!!

It was held on 21st April at KMC Greens. My friends were pariticipating in the programmes so I was eager to see them also anxious to find out as to how the whole fest was organized. Greens looked amazing with small, colourful stalls and the students were still busy arranging their stalls.

It was already 6:30 Pm and not yet dark. In that half dim light I could spot some familiar faces who seemed to be my seniors and classmates. They had already occupied the chairs in front. The culturals were about to begin but I wasn't satisfied by just sitting. I went around with my friends just to take a look at all the stalls that were there. The prices seemes quite high but the food items were mouth watering. Some,I had already tasted but there were some that I really wanted to have since long.

We started off with Orissa, which was the first stall, then Haryana, Tamil Ndau. Bihar, West Bengal, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Srilanka( was in one corner in greens. It actually remined us that Srilanka was quite distant), Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh andMadhya Pradesh.

There was nothing in any stall which was reasonable but the menu had already activated my gustatory relex. I was contemplating how to taste everything and try spending reasonably and not too lavishly. We friends decided that each person will buy something from one stall and all will share and at least get an idea of the taste of the food. But....................

Where do I start from????

I was standing right in middle of the greens trying to clear my confusion ,when a thought sunk in suddenly. Which state did I belong to????? Errrr............. I am from Jharkhand but there was no stall representing my state. West Bengal and Orissa are our neighbouring states so I know these languages too. I am a Tamilian but I don't belong to Tamil Nadu fully. I have spent three years of my life there and now I am part of Karnataka. Confusing.. right?????

Well, I realized that whatever it is I am an Indian and I am a mixture of different cultures and when it comes to good food, there's no boundary. Everything is nutritious, all food itmes have proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, minerals and vitamins.

I began with Tamil Nadu just to get the feel of being at home. I began with Tamil Nadu just to get the feel of being at home. I had a " Carrot Dosa". It was 20 rupees and I tell you the dosa was like a mini utappam. :)

The next one was Srilanka where we had a " Biscuit Pudding with chocolate chips". Something that could just melt in the mouth. We were 3 who shared it and each could get just three spoons but the taste still remains fresh in my mind.Punjab stall was our next venture after taking a break where we shared Panner pakoras and my friends had tandoori chicken.

Meanwhile we were watching the cultural programmes also. The weather was perfect and greens was already fully by then and the stalls were flooded with people. Fearing that our favourite food items might get over we rushed to the Andhra stall where I had 'Ice gola'. This was something that I was longing to have but could not for years together.

After taking a break for an hour or so we decided to try out more. The break session was all filled with munching session as some of friends made us taste few things like, dahi vada from Orissa, Pathrode from Karnataka, besi-beda bhath and misti doi from West Bengal.

I was actually not full but was feeling too contented. I looked around again and said to myself, " How many states are left to be covered?"My friends were a bit amused seeing me.. in fact I was myself a bit concerned about the condition of my stomach but then food is food... I knew i would never get this opprotunity until next year. We moved on............

I had my favourite, Rajma-pulav in UP stall and also had payasam in Kerala stall.... To take a break I kept roaming around and telling people about the stalls which they could probably visit as by the time everyone came I had finished tasting almost every bit in each stall... There was another round of jalebis which we had in Haryana stall where people were hovering around the food itmes and also watching a guy draw sketches on the spot. I stood there for almost 15 minutes watching his strokes and moves which helped me in picking up some of the tips which I needed to revive my sketching skills.

Phew!!!! I guess you are tired after readin so much, so am I,after typing so much.I was full.....................

The last thing I had was Thandai from Rajasthan stall which was horrible and didn't seem like thandai. To compensate for the taste revival I had lime juice was the cheapest thing available there( Rs 8/-).

It was 11 and I was full. I am not talking about the quantity but I am talking about the satisfaction. I was too happy. I just closed my eyes once before leaving greens and prayed within, saying, " Hope whatever I have had gets digested."

I was tired of roaming and at the end my legs gave away. I came back home and had a great sleep.

Next day my mom called up and asked what I had in the fest. I said, " Nothing much mom. Just a bit." ( I was smiling within). ( I had spent Rs 150/- in the food fest).

It's 7:40 Pm now and I am posting this blog .... I have spent 40 minutes in re-living one of the best days in Manipal so far.

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