Friday, April 24, 2009

Unexpressed love!

"Oh… Sheetal what’s there so amusing that you are staring at the computer screen so much...?”Alia said throwing a pencil at Sheetal in order to grab her attention.

Few seconds later, Sheetal stretches her arms and heaves a sigh of relief, looks at Alia and smiles.

"Now what do I interpret by your smile?” Alia said with frustration.

There was no change in Sheetal’s expression.

There was a pause.

“Oh…… he’s just too hot!!!” Sheetal said with a mischievous grin on her face.

“What??? Whom are you talking about idiot?” Alia said with an irritation and a sense of curiosity in her voice.

Sheetal turns her laptop towards Alia and shows her a picture on orkut.

“Oh… Vinay! There you go,” Alia said with a sigh of relief.

(Sheetal and Vinay became friends on orkut. They had common interests one of them being sketching. Conversations continued on a daily basis. As time passed they went from being strangers to good friends. There was a slow and steady progress. Eventually, they began talking on the phone. It was friendship by chance and was later converted into choice. They had not met each other but had just exchanged snaps. Finally, after a long wait they got a chance to meet. After meeting Vinay, Sheetal couldn’t help but continue this friendship and she took it to a higher pedestal. She started liking him. She was happy for the fact that the person whom she used to chat with and have such conversations was the same as he had portrayed himself. His honesty made her develop a slight liking from him. Days passed by and it was almost a year that they had been talking to each other. They had become really good friends but the relationship wasn’t moving forward. They were still talking to each other but at times Sheetal got confused after listening to Vinay. His actions showed at times that she meant a lot to him but never had he expressed that in words.)

“I shouldn’t be surprised,” Alia said.

“Just tell me one thing Sheetal, how long will you do this? Sooner or later you have to tell him that you like him so much. You must be clear as to what you want. ”

“I have told him indirectly but I don’t think it’s the right time for me to express my love. Don’t you think he should have understood by now?” Sheetal said.

"Right time!! Huh……God knows when the right time will come. May be till then he would have gone far ahead dating another girl and one fine day he’ll call up and tell you, ‘Look Sheetal there is this girl I am in love with and I am about to propose her today.’ What would you do then?"

As soon as Sheetal heard this, her expression changed. She went pale and asked Alia in a squeaky voice, “Can this actually happen? Is it possible that he would date another girl?”

"Why not! He can do that."

"Don’t you think the chances are less? I mean, he is a guy who doesn’t talk much with girls as he said and it’s been a year that we are friends. He tells me most of the things and I feel, may be things will work out,” Sheetal added with a sense of confidence in her voice.

“There’s no point defending your own views baby. Ask your own self and you very well know that such things can happen.”

“Okay, answer these questions yourself…"

Do you stay around him 24 x 7 that you’ll know what he does and what he doesn’t?

Have you reached that stage that you can trust him so much or does he trust you so much?

How much time have both of you given to each other that you can even come to this conclusion?

How much can you conclude on the basis of just a few random meetings, chats and calls?

"After all he is a guy and guys don’t express so much. When it comes to a person like him who is concerned about the present and doesn’t think so much about anything around what can you do? "

"As you say, he’s very practical. Am I right?"

Sheetal kept listening to Alia with her eyes wide open. These questions were really eye openers for her. She had never thought so much. Whatever Alia said was true.

“I think you are right. I have to consider these questions. I think we haven’t crossed that stage of friendship We need to know each other more .We have a long way to go but Alia, I really like him and I think I have started loving him."

“I hope you understand what I am trying to say.”

"What if I die one day and my love goes unexpressed?Will you convey my message to him?"Sheetal asked with a child like innocence.

There was utter silence.

Alia glared at Sheetal and said, " Is such a satetment expected from a 21 year old girl like you?"

"After listening to you I can't help believeing in the fact that - Love is Blind."

Sheetal couldn’t utter a word. She knew that she shouldn’t have thought something like that. She just smiled sheepishly at her foolishness.

" You have to wait patiently my dear," Alia said keeping a hand on Sheetal's shoulder.

" I don't know what to do Alia," Sheetal said with a sense of despair in her voice.

“Listen to me for once and I think things will fall into place automatically. Let destiny play the game.”

“Let’s see…………,” Sheetal closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Just then Sheetal’s mobile beeped. She read the message and smiled………..

It said:

Don’t rush to fall in love because love never runs out.

Even if somebody asks why you are single?

Just tell them, “God’s too busy writing the best love story for me.”

(I think this could be a part of anyone’s life. What could a girl like Sheetal do? Movies do give different answers but I don’t know the answer here so I leave it to the readers to interpret the rest of the story! What if Sheetal was me or you??? )


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nice 1, a colorful article i might add, i, personally know of one such story, but then there both parties turned out to be based in the same location..and that helped..why don't u pen down more of these, the most recent ones being song lyrics' :)

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