Saturday, January 24, 2015

Will you be my Valentine?

It is January 24th, 2015 and I am already nervous because I have done zero preparations for Valentine's Day. So much of work pressure and I needed to maintain this as a secret from my 'husband' who is and will be my first crush. Ours was an arranged marriage and things were decided too quickly. We did get an ample amount of time for around 6 months to know each other, but, I never got a chance to express to him that he was my crush the day I saw his picture on the matrimonial site. This is coincidence and my sheer luck that my crush turned out to be my husband- A husband who is more of a friend and also turning out to be a great partner. Only to be a little calmer about the proceedings in our relationship I had requested my parents to give a minimum of six months to understand each other. Time flew by, we were quite comfortable with each other before we got married, but there was something I was always wanted to confess to him. I could never dare to express my liking towards him from day one. After all, in an arranged marriage you want understanding and compatibility more than love. Love eventually seeps in and enriches the relationship.

I had a small plan just to woo him on Valentine's day. We had formed a good circle of like minded married couples who eventually became very close friends, especially when we wanted to hang out on weekends. This time I took up this challenge of planning a trip for the six of us (3 couples). My plan was to express to him about my feelings that I had when I saw his photo first and when I met him in person. Confessing this in front of friends was the challenging part, but I wanted to do it. I wasn't bothered about how late it was but that would be a dare for me. We had unanimously planned on a long drive to Wayanad for the Valentine’s Day as it was on a Saturday. We could start on Friday evening. It is a very beautiful place for couples to enjoy. I kept everyone informed except my husband. I requested him to keep himself free over the weekend on the pretext that we both would go on a long drive and celebrate our first Valentine’s Day after marriage together. He had no clue that our friends were coming along. The cab booking was done and also the accommodation was booked in a beautiful resort located in the lap of nature. Considering that my preparations were made for the trip I started preparing what I had to speak. I wrote it down first in my diary, which of course I had hidden so that my husband didn't get hold of it accidentally. I took out my guitar which was lying in the trunk. It had been months I had touched it because of the marriage hullabaloo. I wiped it clean and removed the dust. In fact, I was planning to come 1 hour early from work just to practice. I was searching for the perfect lyrics and finally found the exact one. It is a romantic number from Agend Vinod- " Kehte hain khuda ne jise.... " I had happened to hear my husband humming this song couple of times so thought this would be the perfect one. My plan was to sing this song while everyone was sitting around the bonfire. We would all be mesmerized in the weather, the chilling breeze and the warmth of the burning firewood. A bottle of wine and tins of chilled beer would add on to the intoxication created by the atmosphere. The moment everyone would be lost in their own romantic world, I would take this chance to bend on my knees before my husband and with the guitar in hand I would keep singing the last lines of the song... "Kehte hain khuda ne iss jahan mein sabhi ke liye.......Kisi na kisi ko hai banaya har kisi ke liye....." 

I would move forward and hold his hand tightly. Keeping the guitar aside I would hand him the diary where I had complied all those feelings which I had from the day I saw him. Giving this small gift I would tell him, "I have always had a crush on you from the day I saw your profile on the matrimonial web site. I never could gather courage to say this to you. I took time to understand you before marrying you. When I discovered the real you I could completely feel that my crush was not a short lived one. It was certainly going to be with me for a lifetime. Then came our marriage and all the ceremonies that had happened. Everything was going too fast for me to tell you separately. I was fighting with my inner self, just to tell you how I had been feeling from day one. I left this chance on many occasions thinking you would have understood my liking towards you by now. Today, I want to tell you that you have been the first person who could bring sparks in me. You pulled my heart's strings in a way that I could bring out a melody of love from them. I could see our future together the moment I met you. I would always be with you forever. "   

That's when I would ask him politely, “Will you be my Valentine?” 

Saying this I would move forward to plant a soft peck on his cheeks and end it with a passionate smooch. This would happen when all our friends would be present and they would look at us awestruck. 

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