Saturday, January 31, 2015

Rise and shine happy skin

We wake up each day telling ourselves and praying that we should rise and shine throughout the day. We wish each morning that our day should pass by with happiness.

As soon as a girl gets up she wishes to see herself in the mirror. Not only does she notice how she looks just out of bed but also observes her skin. She scans through her face quickly before taking her face wash and cleaning off the oil that had deposited on the face. The common problem an oily skin faces. A speck of reddish spot is seen in the corner of her nose. She touches it- it seems painful;With a annoying  look she takes her neem based face wash and tries to clean her face and splashes cool water on to it. While wiping she observes the speck again.The reddish spot seems to have become even more red. It is standing out separately and making her glowing skin look odd. She fishes out a Neem face scrub and scrubs her wet face for a while. After washing it off she puts a final coat of a Neem and Tea tree oil based face pack and allows it to dry. Once it is dry, she washes it off and wipes her face finally clean. This entire exercise consumes 30 minutes of her precious time in the morning daily. She observer her face again, the red spot seems a bit faded but still persistent and painful . Though it seems a tad bit better. She moves out of the washroom cursing the pimple, "Oh God! These pimples are such a pain." Exactly then her skin also wails, " I wish I were treated in a better way. I am having boils all over. I can't handle too much cleaning and scrubbing daily."

The same story repeats daily. Pimples are such a nuisance. The entire look changes with just one pimple on the face. Be it a boy/girl in their teens or a man/woman in their middle adulthood. The hormones play a major role here. The skin for some is too oily which causes more of sebum production and it leads to pimples. If the skin is not kept clean ,cleansed properly or scrubbed properly the dirt sticks on to the pores, the pores get clogged and that's when bacteria starts enjoying the skin taking nutrition from there. This in turn gives rise to a pimple. A tiny red spot can change the way we look. It suddenly pops up when you wake up in the morning or starts erupting out of nowhere. At times it is just one but sometimes it arises in small groups. It can come up in all the weird places like, tip of the nose, chin, cheeks, even inside the nose, corner of the lips, forehead, upper lips , shoulder and even the arms too are not spared. We need to take care of our skin all the time once pimples start erupting. Washing the face three times a day with a proper face wash that suits the skin becomes just like having three meals a day. We have to say no to oily, fried and spicy food. One cannot be carefree about the way they look. There have to be regular visits to the beauty parlour with regular facials and clean up. One has to also spend money on buying expensive creams that will be suited only for oily skin. Every skin  has its own way to deal with pimples. For some it can respond well with the regular use of a good face wash. Some require extensive treatment, for some there are medications prescribed by the doctors too. Overall, for solving this pimple problem one has to spend money to buy beauty products, just to maintain the skin. Money is wasted for unwanted beauty packages, one cannot eat what they like, one has to constantly monitor his/her skin, one has to keep worrying about their looks, one needs to fish through all the natural beauty tips to avoid pimples and finally consult a dermatologist and pop in pills , apply topical anti-pimple and anti-acne applications. All this has to be done to get rid of just one pimple. An entire time table revolves around this. Blessed are those who don't have a pimple prone skin. It increases with stress, hormonal imbalance and also emotional outbursts. There have to be multiple precautions that a pimple prone skins needs to take , especially while travelling. Even , change of water and weather can aggravate a pimple.

Pimple just pops out of nowhere. It can come out and show its red nose specially on the day where they will be an important function at home, one important party to attend. an important festival where there are people gathered around to notice you, more so it can erupt suddenly on the tip of the nose when one needs to go on a date, even one's own marriage day. Every bride fears this because that pimple mark would remain in those wedding pictures throughout and they'll be enough to spoil her memories of the future.  It needs so much care and tendering each time. Morning, there has to be a face wash, evening there has to be a face pack/ face scrub. at night there has to be a clean up with a lotion and before going to bed one has to apply a medicated ointment so that it acts better and longer on the pimple. Sometimes they burst releasing out blood and it pains. Some pimples leave scars and pits on the face. Our look changes. Everyone suffering from this pimple problem would be praying that a pimple should not pop out on an important day.There will be people observing us and if it shows up as an ugly mark, we have bear the queries of the others who want to know why our face has so many pimple marks and what are we doing about this. People start giving unsolicited advice. Each person we meet suggests a new remedy for pimple treatment. Grannies suggest their home remedies, while some newbies advice us to go for expensive beauty treatments. There is so much emotional stress at times that one doesn't feel like socializing. Whatever we are and however we are, at some point of time in life, we need to be judged by face value. That is when a pimple spoils the situations for us. Of course a woman with a pimple will not be accepted at a beauty pageant or at the front desk of a hotel reception. There are some professions where face value matters. Somehow , the concentration is diverted there.

Every skin if of a different type. To understand a remedy that suits that individual's skin is a little time taken and experimental process. One has to try all means and find out what suit his/her skin. Of all the well known treatments for pimples, the use of Neem, Turmeric, Cloves powder, Tea tree oil, Fuller's earth have been more commonly successful. In the olden days people tried taking fresh neem leaves and making a paste out of them and applying it over the affected area. Doing this on a day to day basis would be cumbersome. That is why cosmetic manufacturing companies have brought out Neem based face wash, face pack and face scrub. They occur in different combinations. The combination that is seeming to work of late is Neem, Turmeric and Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree oil has got anti-oxidant properties and Neem and Turmeric have anti-bacterial properties. They don't leave a scar after the pimple dries and also help in keeping pimples at bay. Keeping pimples away also requires proper dietary intake balanced with consumption of  a lot of water. Leading a healthy and stress free lifestyle also helps. 

I was suffering with the same kind of problems. I was so tired applying different kinds and different brands of beauty products that I had lost all hopes in finding a permanent solution to pimples. I had a small pimple on the tip of my nose two days before my engagement day. I was so worried. I tried everything but it was not shrinking but growing in size. I finally had to ask a family friend , who is also a beauty expert for a solution. On one of that visit to her beauty parlour she suggested me to use Garnier Pure Active Neem Face wash, Lotus Tea Tree and Cinnamon based Face pack and Himalaya Neem Face scrub thrice a day, just to avoid the pimple from growing bigger. I was using it as instructed by her. I felt a drastic improvement in one day. The pimple was drying. The second day it shrunk more. On the day of my engagement it was small spot which was easily hidden by make up.

I did not use the face pack and face scrub often after that. I limited it to just once a week but I was using Garnier Pure Active Neem Face wash daily. It was helping me a lot. The results were slow but helpful. It had an extra added content of Tea tree oil along with Neem. The effect of both was magical on my skin. The occurrence of pimples slowly reduced in frequency. I do go for beauty facials sometimes and use other natural remedies just to keep my skin alive but I have not left using the face. I do get pimples on and off because my skin is a bit oily but this face wash has given me a little balance. I can deal with pimples. The same combination is also available with Lotus brand but I have been using Garnier more often. I use it at least two times a day when I am at home and when I am outside I use it thrice. It makes my skin feel fresh. Especially when I wake up in the morning, my skin feels very oily, this face wash helps remove the oil and keeps it slightly dry and oil free. The frequency of occurrence of pimple also reduces. I also keep myself hydrated throughout the day and started have started reduced the intake of fried and spicy food items. I am able to see some benefits. At least during my marriage I did not have to face a similar situation. Thanks to Garnier. Now I am able to tell " Rise and shine happy skin."

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