Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sell with a cell chat( Ek chat pe bech de!)

With the e-Retail market becoming popular, people have started trusting internet sources more.  Not only for buying products, but also for selling them. The buying as well as the selling market should go hand in hand because when we want to buy something new we have to find a solution for the old one. 
Websites like ( URL : )have made it easier for us to sell products  and also advertise about them without any problems. It has saved us a lot of trouble. We can put ads on the website with pictures of the product we want to sell. The person who is interested contacts us through the phone number. There are different kinds of  services that they provide, even when someone is looking for property Quikr comes as a saviour. Quikr ensures while exchanging phone number that safety is maintained and the numbers are not misused. 

Quikr has gone one level advance by introducing Quikr Nxt where buyers and sellers can immediately connect with each other through chat across Quikr's mobile app. One can also access this through the mobile site and its desktop site. Calling sellers and contacting them on a cell phone and talking to them is dependent on their availability. The seller can be in an important meeting and might not be able to take calls from the buyer. He might lose a good deal because of that. Many a times calling a seller becomes a nuisance because they are not able to attend the call all the time. The buyers become anxious. Even the seller cannot contact the interested buyer at times as they might be busy on some other call. Sometimes it is too awkward to do these dealings on the phone. It is always better that things happen in a subtle yet clear way. Chatting will do away with all these problems. 

Too many phone calls disrupt the personal life at times. They might seem unwanted at times. By mistake if the phone is not kept on a silent mode during a meeting , too many phone calls can cause embarrassment. In such cases chatting is always better. Then the buyer/ seller might feel at ease. They might not intrude into someone's life and spoil their time merely to sell or buy a product. 

Even to inform the buyer about the pick up location and the directions to reach the place where the seller is, chatting seems a better option. This feature introduced by Quikr as Quikr Nxt will enable users to communicate with each other at their convenience and request more details about the product or service, without requiring a single phone call.

Chat will help us have a message back up too. the information given by the seller will be recorded and also there for future reference. In this way there need not be unnecessary phone calls to re-clarify the same things. Buyers will not be hesitant to ask queries about the product to the seller. Chatting is an easier option even when someone is busy with work or even travelling. 

I faced many issues when I had put an advertisement on asking for a 2BHK apartment on rent. Multiple sellers and agents started calling me. I was talking to one seller meanwhile someone else called. I had to call back each one whose call I had missed. This entire exercise took about an hour . I couldn't remember what each seller had told on phone. So I had to sit with a pen and paper and write in details about the price quoted, location and the kind of house specified by each seller against their names lest I do not forget. After talking to everyone I was so exhausted that I lost interest in looking for a rented house. I was not interested in a houses which some sellers had quoted. I was not showing interest in that property and did not want to contact them again. On the other hand those sellers kept calling me asking me to have a look at the property. It started seeming like nuisance later. I used to cancel their calls. It felt as if they are stalking me.Chatting seems a much better option. One can be very polite and yet refuse a buyer or a seller if the criteria one is looking for doesn't fit in well. 

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