Sunday, February 1, 2015

Awesome ASUS IndiBlogger Meet 2015!

The first IndiBlogger meet of the year 2015 in Bangalore turned out to be the first IndiBlogger meet I have ever attended. I have been an IndiBlogger for almost 2 years now but I was never so keen on attending these blogger meets. Though it has been a long time since an IndiBlogger meet was held in Bangalore, I was skeptical this time also. When I got the link for the special invite after writing the post on Happy Hours- Go Sleek with ASUS , I was still confused whether to accept it or notI thank my husband for pushing me to accept the invitation  and attend the meet. It was worth a visit. 

Even though I saw the reviews of bloggers about their previous meet , I wanted to attend the meet and check for myself. It was organized in ITC Gardenia, Bangalore. I was very happy that they didn't delay much. Everything happened according to the agenda and they finished it also by 9:45PM. I loved the fact that they stuck to their timings. I could feel- Thank God Its Friday ( TGIF) while going back. 

The meet started with a very interactive rock band performance. It was short and sweet and they forced everyone to sing along , tap our feet to the numbers and also do head banging. This made everyone at ease. I had already met few bloggers and was getting to know about their blog when the host started a new way to interact with everyone. It was a short exercise for 15 minutes in which each blogger had to meet as many bloggers as they could and collect any personal item from them by convincing them to give those away. The one with the most number of personal items and unique items were given vouchers.This was just a way to get everyone interact with each other and share blog addresses. The best that could be done to interact with as many new bloggers we could in a short span of 15 minutes. This was followed by a short presentation about the ASUS EeeBook X205TA and  ASUS All In One PC ET2040. It was an informative session and also we could get to clarify the queries about the product. We were kept at ease and very comfortable with the refreshment that was being served and the great ambiance of the ITC Gardenia, Mysore Hall. There was time to look through the ASUS product. The best part of this break was to meet more blogger and talk to them. There were so many with common interests as mine. I had never gathered so much information and met the number of people I had in those few hours. 

The last and the best part of the session was a short group presentation about blogging, The crowd was divided in teams of 4. Each team was given a theme which they had to present as a team together in just 3 minutes. Every theme was related to blogging. It was great. A huge group, a common theme and everyone had to be on stage to perform. The team managers did a good job. It brought out the creative side of everyone in just 3 minutes. By then everyone had shed off the inhibitions. Although it was getting late I felt the meet shouldn't have ended that soon because there was so much to talk and share with everyone around. 

There was final group photo session followed by awesome dinner. I look forward to attend more Indimeets like these.

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