Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sleep well my baby!

"Oh God! It is 4 :00 AM and my baby still refuses to sleep," cried an anxious Reena. She is a recently turned mother of a six month old baby boy. Too inexperienced to manage this problem she consulted a pediatrician who looked through the entire routine she follows for her infant right from feeding the baby to putting him to sleep. Finally after a lot of discussion the doctor advised her few changes in the routine and slowly her baby started co-operating. Gone were those days when Reena used to have sleepless nights with the baby waking up crying at the break of dawn. She had found out the reason finally.

The doctor had told her that despite her feeding the baby on time,  giving the baby a nice oil massage, giving the baby nice warm sponge bath, playing with the baby she was missing out on the fact that the diaper she was using was irritating the baby at night once it was wet. Though the bedsheet would not get wet but the baby would still feel wet and irritated inside. The first change that Reena made was that she started using Pampers Baby Dry Pants especially at night when the baby was trying to sleep peacefully. She too wanted a peaceful sleep for herself and her husband. Reena started seeing those changes soon. This diaper unlike the other ones was keeping the baby dry from inside as it had special absorbing property without making the baby feel wet and itchy.

Reena always made sure that she would start preparing her baby for sleep two hours before they could start falling asleep. Only then did he fall asleep after playing for few hours. He used to get very active only at night so she made sure she could utilize it in the best way. She used to feed him some time before he started becoming more active in order to avoid the regurgitation of milk. She took him for a short night walk in the terrace so that he relaxes a bit. Post her dinner she made sure she changed his clothes if they were wet and also put a Pampers diaper. She keep his pillow and bed cover fresh and warm so that he has a peaceful sleep. She used to keep a warm yellow bedside lamp so that it is easy for him to fall asleep. She tried not to watch television or listen to loud music before he started falling asleep, in order to keep his mind calm.

She usually washed him up and wipe him with a warm towel before putting the diaper and also added some Johnson's baby powder around to avoid any rashes to occur and irritate him while sleeping.

She used to recite sweet and short lullabies to him and make him fall asleep on her lap. Even after that if he didn't fall asleep she kept some toys around on the bed for him to play with. She made sure she made it a routine for him to sleep by the same time daily. It was the most difficult task for a mother but she was slowly managing it. It seemed helpful to her over the course of few weeks once she started getting him used to this routine.

She made sure there are no mosquitoes so that the baby doesn't have any disturbance while sleeping. Slowly her baby fell asleep when he got tired of playing. The atmosphere around was so conducive to sleep that he got habituated to this timings. One some extremely active days he used to be wide awake but those occurrences were becoming rare. 

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