Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Valentine this year- Asus Zenfone 5 A501CG

Valentine's Day doesn't really mean we really need to hang out with someone of the opposite sex only. One can celebrate Valentine's Day with family, friends or also enjoy alone.  All we need is a good company. I was not too lucky to have a Valentine even this year so I thought of treating myself to an awesome Italian dinner and celebrate the entire day out. Since it was a Saturday, it was easy for me relax and plan a day out with myself. I took out my car, looked my best and started on a long drive. Well, I was bored after driving for some time because I needed some interaction. I realized that I was not the type to be cut off from the world. To my  rescue came my Asus Zenfone 5 A501CG  which I had bought three days before Valentine's Day from Flipkart - Valentine always keeps the other one happy. If a phone keeps one happy and gives great company then it can be the best Valentine. 

I was using a Gionee G3 before this. I loved that phone too but I lost it while travelling in a bus. I wanted to buy something that could give me a good feel just as my Gionee G3. I am not someone who is into technology so I looked through Flipkart's reviews and checked all the specifications of the Asus Zen phones there. Asus has got a wide range in Zenphone model. They are of different price range too.

The first thing that attracted me was the varied price range. I could pick any one of my choice based on my budget. The one I chose had white and black as the colour options. I chose Black.  I wanted this more because of the Long Battery life. This could help me in my long journey. I wouldn't have to use my car battery also much for charging. This feature will help mainly when we need to use phone for a long time continuously. This  is because of the Intel® Atom™ Processor. I could use it for 18 hours at a stretch. This would help me especially when I go to remote places where there are not many charging points available. 

I can store many favourite songs because of the 16 GB expandable memory space. This could be a nice way to enjoy a beautiful ride with my favourite numbers. I don't have to depend on Radio coverage always. 

I can't even think of travelling out on a solo trip without the help of google maps and internet. These phones provide good internet connectivity as well as speed in accessing the web pages.  This is due to the  Intel® Atom™ Processor and  Intel® hyper -Threading technology1 .

How I can travel and not be able to take good pictures for storing those beautiful memories ?? I needed a good camera. I didn't have a budget to buy a DSLR so I thought the 13 megapixel HD camera with 6" HD display. It would help me to watch videos/ movies and also see my stored photos. All Zenphones have good camera and great picture quality because of Pixel Master which is a unique ASUS-developed technology that combines software, hardware and optical design to deliver incredible image quality. We will be able to get high-quality photos. It is high quality 5 element optical camera. We get to capture all the moments with a high quality picture. 

I love reading e-books. I use Flipkart eBook app to read books. Because of the excellent 6" HD display and a wide screen I can read my books easily without causing any difficulty to my eyes. 

The upgraded Android version v4.4 (KitKat) would help me get closer and better with faster and latest technology. This will help me perform multiple tasks have as many apps as I can. I was restricted earlier in downloading many apps.  

I can also use both my office number and my personal number because of the dual SIM option. The ZenUI intelligent technology here makes me mobile friendly as I will not have difficulty in using the complicated technology. I wanted something simple without any confusion. 

The varied colour option present in their cases/ covers is an advantage as I can choose the colour I like. I can also put it in a case where it can be protected from knocks or falls preventing cracks and scratches. The touch is sensitive as well as smooth to use. Easy access. The extended warranty gives me an advantage to get any servicing done easily. There are also many ASUS service centres coming up to help us in managing the applications during problems in a better way. 

It is a beauty in all ways. I don't need anything more than this for a great day. A valentine gives happiness in all ways. If this phone gives me all that I need I really don't need a valentine. 

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