Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My dreams shall come true - I will live Befikar UmarBhar

Recently a friend of mine went on a world tour with her husband. The moment I heard it I felt a voice calling out inside me," I wish I could go too. “I realized that it was not with me only but every second person I speak to, always has something or the other that is left incomplete for them to experience or acquire. We all have hopes and dreams. Though we have got everything that we could get with a great education and career, our needs keep increasing. Human beings that we are! - We always want something more. Our heart and mind is never satisfied. We slog hard attempting to fulfil those dreams. 

Wish we could all be #BefikarUmarBhar as shown here: http://bit.ly/BefikarUmarBhar.

There are many such wishes that I hope get fulfilled over the course of time  but to list out , I have a few as top five in my list. 

1. I want to stop paying for my health insurance policies and utilize that money for my savings which could be used for something better. I wish to have a healthy lifestyle and have lot of endurance and strength and time so that I can be #BefikarUmarBhar without having to run to the doctor or hospital. I want a disease free life. I want lot of time to take care of my health and do all kinds of physical activity, eat the right thing and also save a lot of money. 

2. I want to complete my PhD in Neurochemistry as soon as possible without worrying about money and time. I want to be free of tensions and duration to complete my doctorate degree. I don't want to worry about getting old which could prevent me from pursuing my research. I want to serve poor patients with my research and breakthrough work and ideas. I want to work for the Ministry of Health care with my degree.

3. I want to travel around the world without having to worry about money, holidays at work or any family tensions. I want to go around with my husband and know about different cultures and the people, visit attractive travel destinations, participate in adventure sports and do everything possible because it is just one life and I want to do everything that is possible. While all this keeps happening, I want money to keep flowing and also have a job that offers me to take breaks like these without any pressure. 

4. I want to buy a Royal Enfield of my own and take training at an all-woman driving institute and do a backpack solo travel in and around Goa. Currently I don't have the monetary means, courage and experience to do all this. I want to be a #befikar nomadic woman. I want to travel safe everywhere. I wish to eradicate the reason for women in this world to feel unsafe. I want to be a carefree bird who doesn't have to bother about anything. 

5. I want to publish a romantic novel. I want to be a scientist as well as a romance writer. My dream is to become the top writer under the Harlequin publishing brand. 

There are so many wants like these and the list is never ending. I want all the means like, money, health, time, energy, happiness and love. I want be like a superwoman and do everything possible under the sun. I want to be able to multitask, be a great daughter, wife, daughter-in-law, a super mom, a great friend and above all a great human being. 

Whatever wishes I have, I thank those lucky stars and the almighty for keeping me #BefikarUmarBhar.


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