Thursday, March 5, 2015

Believing in love

I always was of this belief that in reality, love stories don't have a happy ending for everyone. Those were only possible in novels and movies. I had this habit of listening to others love stories and find out how everyone has tried their best to make their relationship work and reach to a stage of marriage. I never believed in love and never understood love until I really met the man who made me believe that love is nothing but a feeling of goodness. The moment you feel good about being with a person of the opposite sex and feel secure, that's when you feel you have found the right one. Everything doesn't click between two individuals of the opposite sex. They certainly are from two different worlds. There was a moment when I spotted similarities between the love of my life even among those differences between us. Those moments when I felt that our similarities could over power our differences, I saw a ray of optimism. 

The love of my life, (my husband now) and I were in a long distance relationship for a very long time. I was doing my post graduation while he was working and earning pretty well. I had a sense of fear when I even thought of proceeding in this relationship. We became great friends first. Thanks to technology, we could keep talking to each other and getting to know more through chats, calls, messages and e-mails. Unfortunately there was no Whats App then. We failed to express a lot of emotions that went hidden behind those emoticons. We could only be sad, happy, angry, laughing out loud or making fun of each other. We hardly met. He was so concerned about me that he always wanted me to concentrate on my studies. We spoke only when we both were free. That's when we started finding out new things about each other. We got to know facts, talked about childhood memories, talked about friends, about the world, our dreams and aspirations. This continued for almost a year when we got a chance to meet. We met for few hours before I could leave for home. I met him for the first time and I felt that this person can only be a good friend to me. Sometimes first impression is never the last impression. In my case, that's how it seemed. After meeting each other we did not develop liking for each other but kept increasing the bond of our friendship. Long distance still remained. I could meet him only during my college breaks, probably for a few hours. Almost 2 years passed by like this. He was a part of my entire post graduation tenure. I still relate to a few chapters of my curriculum with the beautiful memories I have shared with him probably while studying those chapters. After this long, finally we decided to spend a little more time with each other by watching movies, by hanging out for lunch and coffee. 

When both of us were back home after this small outing we felt a difference in our feelings towards each other. May be it was not just friendship anymore. It was more of care, concern, little bit of possessiveness and also a feeling of security that we had someone to look up to in bad times. Distance was the only concern. We tried meeting little more often. Thanks to those two semesters breaks that I got towards my final year. We bonded better when we met. One fine day out of the blue while sitting in the library, I started thinking about him. Something was urging me to call him and tell him right away but I never had the courage to call him. Finally, when we met for an entire day we both took the first step in acknowledging that fact that we did like each other and our relationship was growing beyond friendship. Distance was always a concern. When there is love and distance there are bound to be misunderstandings and arguments. We did have those. There were sleepless nights. There were sessions of continued arguments, then days of silence when we never wanted to even message each other. Despite all this there was a surreal feeling. A feeling of confidence that probably when we are closer we would be better. My course was close to getting over. We pulled through this phase too. I say, “We" because he was entirely there, just as a family supporting me from far to come off with flying colours. Soon my parents and his wishes came true. I decided then to take things seriously and start looking for a job. 

No matter how good a girl is, in this age if she is not educated well and doesn't have a job, she can go nowhere. I was at home, discussing about him with my parents. They were not happy with all this but when I got a job in a city where he stayed their fears multiplied. Destiny played with us. Living in the same city we couldn't meet each other often. We stayed 30 km far from each other's place. Our frequency of meeting did increase and also did the level of misunderstandings. There were fears; there were nightmares whether after all this we will be able to culminate this relationship into marriage. We hardly had been with each other to judge as to how we would be together. Things progressed slowly but seemed steady. We did manage to overcome small hurdles with the trust and positive attitude we had towards each other. Seeing this, our parents also got optimistic about our relationship. That's when they gave us a chance to proceed with this officially. They decided to get us engaged. 

Post engagement and pre- marriage also was long distance for us as I was away from him to be with my parents. We managed through that too as we had the confidence that we will be together. We met after 6 months, only on the day of marriage. That's when we felt that surge of happiness. Our positive energy was reflecting on our faces. The moment we tied the knot, we congratulated each other for surviving the distance. 

Post marriage was also not easy; we had to get used to being with each other and managing with each one's likes and dislikes and living habits. Nonetheless, we were triumphant in our initial hurdles only because we were positive towards our love and our relationship. We still are trying to be optimistic and move forward to live a life of togetherness till eternity. 

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