Saturday, March 14, 2015

A heartfelt conversation

I have been married for almost a year and half now. They say that post marriage many things change and so do our priorities. I am very lucky that I have got an awesome husband who encourages me and keeps me happy never making me realize that I am part of a different family now. I never felt that transition affect me during this entire time. Hoping it remains like that forever. There are moments when I miss home and being with parents but in this modern day world with a good husband and his support life seems to be easy going . So far I have been able to juggle between both families as well as personal life even though I was not taking out too much time for myself for almost a year.

My husband kept complaining to me that I was not pursuing my passion as much as I was doing it before marriage. I kept telling him to give me some time to settle in married life and adjust to changes that have occurred. He never bothered me after that. One our first anniversary we sat together and discussed all that had happened in our lives together in the past one year. That's when my husband pointed out in a rude, reprimanding way, “What have you achieved in the last one year of our marriage apart from just cooking, working in office, taking care of the house and managing a family?"

I felt hurt hearing those words but I knew deep within that I was not following my passion much. I used to love creativity so much and now I was hardly giving time to it. That very day I sat with him and discussed out all those shortcomings that I needed to fulfill, not for him or the family but for myself. It was a casual post dinner talk when all this happened. I sat close to him, holding his hand, keeping my head close to his chest and hearing his heartbeat.  He was 100% true.  I slowly started writing my diary which had been untouched from the past 1 year. That was something I always loved to do but I never got the heart and time to pull out a pen and start writing.  I wrote our 1 year experience in a week’s time and presented it to him as a secret gift. That day was an eye opener for me. That's when IndiBlogger - Happy Hours started. I started writing more. My blogging frequency increased. I started taking interest in reading good novels and writing for myself which I had stopped. I was learning to balance my family and personal life. Of course, I had full support from my partner. I started doing things that were creative and made me use my skills in a better way. I was too frustrated at times. That's when my husband encouraged me to take up Yoga. Practicing yoga for 3 months continuously did change my life. I am totally a different person today. It was that one year when I also was not concentrating on my physical activity much. One question from my husband that night jostled my mind. I had suddenly contracted severe heel pain, what doctor's called - Athlete's foot. I was not even an athlete, how could I get something like this?????

I was totally shattered. I had just started becoming my normal self when all this happened. I took it up in good spirit. I was put on some vitamin supplements and slowly recovery happened. I was doubtful whether I would be pain free. That’s when I got this extreme motivation from my hubby dearest. I could participate in a 5K (5Km) run and complete it in one hour. That was the power of a 1 hour motivational talk. I would rather call it as a forceful retrospection. My husband's words were harsh then but they were true and that's what made me get back my confident self again. 

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