Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My first step to getting smart!

"What are you doing Avinash?" I asked quizzically looking at my 10 year old grandson. He was peering very seriously at the mobile and playing Candy Crush. A minute had passed and I got no reply from him. I nudged him a bit when he replied irritatingly, " Dadii.... ( Grandma) please..."

I came closer to him and made him sit on my lap. I hugged him and told, "Let me also see how you play. Will you teach your dadi?"

He gave me a wide and an eager smile. I gave him a tight squeeze in return. We both sat together for hours that day exploring the new Moto-E which my son and daughter-in-law had gifted it to me on my 60th birthday. For some reason I had not touched it from the day they had gifted me this. My son insisted that I start using it so he had activated the phone for me and kept it at home. Now my grandson somehow took it and was using it on my behalf. I was never fond of smart phones but when I saw the look  of Moto- E I felt like touching it. I was very happy using the home computer for all my practical internet needs but seeing this phone my hands started itching to use it. My daughter-in-law always wanted me to own one smart phone so that I could browse internet on phone and also read e-books using that but I always turned down her offer. Now that I had got a surprise gift I wanted to use it but wasn't sure if I would be comfortable. I was in two minds. It was almost two weeks since my birthday had gone by and this phone wasn't being used much. I was feeling bad for not using it but I felt I could start slowly. Since the phone was not too expensive I was not feeling guilt for having been presented with an expensive phone and not using it. 

The moment I held it in my hand I felt different. It felt so light and sleek to hold. The notion of heavy , huge smart phones was gone. No wonder my grandson was using it so easily to play as if it was his toy. We both sat together and started browsing through the phone more. My son and daughter -in-law had chosen a blue colour  grip shell for the mobile knowing that I loved the colour blue. It was quite brighter for my age but it was making me feel lively. The buttons were also smooth and the edges were soft for my delicate hands. Then we both started using the various Apps. The first thing my grandson taught me was to play " Candy Crush." It was keeping me engaged for a while. Though I never liked playing games online I was getting addicted to it because of little Avinash. Soon he got bored of it and started clicking pictures. He held his cheek close to mine and told me, " Dadi look at the camera. We will take a selfie." We got an awesome selfie. The picture clarity was really nice. It had all the features that were available on any smart phone but I felt I could use with ease. The screen brightness was also good. For a person like me who is turning old, the phone seemed to be quite easy and handy. My son had an iphone and I could never even understand answering calls from it. I got an android phone. It was new and easy for me. The wide screen made me easy to read e-books. My daughter-in-law had downloaded the Flipkart E-book App from where I could read novels and books of my choice. The first thing my grandson downloaded was a novel for the kids. It was more like his phone but I knew it was mine for all practical reasons when he was at school. I was enjoying the experience. I was not aware of many applications so I had to browse through Moto- E website( http://www.startwithmotoe.com/) where I got  more information about the phone. 

The experience was exciting me slowly. The moment my daughter-in-law was back from work I showed her that I had started using the phone. I could see a sense of fulfillment in her face and she seemed to be very glad that finally I had started using it. Their thoughtful gift had not gone waste after all. I was the proud owner of an awesome smart phone. My very first had to be Moto E. 

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