Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Feast like a king for breakfast

Why is everyone being so desperate to go to Gupta Ji's house for Nashta (breakfast)??? There has to be something special in their breakfast menu which everyone wants to try out. I was also wondering seeing this Ad on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/user/kelloggindia.).  Out of curiosity, I checked out their page on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/anaajkanashta) and I got to know why everyone in this Ad by Kellogg's India was so interested in going to Gupta Ji's house for having breakfast.

Everyone has become health conscious these days. We all want to lead a healthy lifestyle knowing that the kind of environment we are exposed to makes us prone to many kinds of lifestyle associated diseases. The most prevalent ones being Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Obesity. Eating right makes it very easy these days to control such diseases which can be controlled. It is in our hands. When it comes to eating right, we have to monitor our entire day's meal regime. We have to be careful about what we are stuffing ourselves with from the time we wake up. Breakfast is the first meal which we have after an overnight's fast of about 8- 10 hours. Breakfast should be good and healthy. As nutritionists suggest, one must feast like a king during breakfast, eat like a mediocre for lunch and eat like a beggar for dinner. The first meal of the day has to be heavy, tasty and healthy. There are different cuisines available that form a great breakfast menu, but it is not possible to re-create that in our daily household always. So, thanks to Kellogg's India that they have introduced this concept of creating a healthy, tasty and innovative variety for breakfast rather than us having the boring cornflakes with milk daily.  Gupta Ji's family has already started following this as a daily routine and I would like to learn these recipes from them. 

There's a variation in each dish. They have over 100 recipes that could be made of  just simple Kellogg's corn flakes. They have created different varieties suited for all age groups. Kids who would not be willing to have plain corn flakes and milk would love it with strawberries and banana in it. Cold milk adds to the flavour and also this would look presentable. Kids love strawberries. If you mix banana with it the flavour enhances. In this way they can enjoy their breakfast which looks nice, tastes good and also is very healthy. There are all kinds of dry fruits used in corn flakes to make different dishes. They use ingredients like coconut, milk , chocolate, vegetables, salads and  fruits. This will add to the flavour and taste. It makes the corn flakes very crunchy and also it makes it interesting for anyone to have. Gupta Ji's family is going to be a very healthy family with such innovative and healthy variations of Kellogg's corn flakes. To suit the youngsters they have included  dark and milk chocolate also in corn flakes along with thick milk to  make it a crunchy yummy dish. It looks very presentable and anyone's mouth would water seeing the dish. They have made sure to include the right amount of sugar, fruits, milk, nuts and grains, coconut, veggies that are very essential for a healthy living. There are sweet dishes too. Plain corn flakes snack recipes with a little salt and spice can act as a good side dish with a cup of tea or milk. These snacks can be had anytime, even in the evening. But they are  better suited for  breakfast. The evening post work or post school snack requires to be light at the same time something that makes us feel full. The variation of having shredded veggies along with noodles and cornflakes makes it a perfect dish for an evening nashta. 

Anyone can eat these dishes and they hardly take any time for preparation. It is easy for people who rush to work in the morning, for mothers who are tired of making different dishes just to make their children eat healthy food, for people who come back home from work tired and cannot spend much time to make a snack for themselves. It solves everyone's problems and we all get to lead a healthier lifestyle. The variety of the dishes using Kellogg's Corn Flakes also reduces boredom after having the same snack daily. 

Are you not getting tempted too after seeing this Ad???

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