Sunday, March 22, 2015

Happiness lies in simplicity

Simple things are subtle yet they make us feel contented. It is that satisfaction which brings happiness. It is an eternal happiness which is remembered forever by us. They can be the smallest possible things but they leave a great impact on us and also with whom we share the happiness. Happiness is not always about self. It is also about seeing others happy. It was my birthday yesterday. I was very happy and feeling contented with the surprise celebration that my husband had planned. I had a very lively feeling already seeing the surprises unfold slowly. No matter how old you grow birthday celebrations are always fun. They are probably a reason to celebrate our living.  My husband had arranged a wonderful cake with strawberry toppings for me. It was as yummy as it looked. I had this habit of giving cake to my office colleagues after my birthday celebration at home. This time I chose to do something different. I celebrated my birthday in the morning with my maid’s children. I wanted to make them feel special. The first thing in the morning on my list was to call them home and share my birthday cake and sweets with them. It was a joyous feeling. They were shy yet very excited to have a wonderful cake. Probably they would have never got a chance to celebrate something like this and also eat such a wonderful cake. There were many friends and relatives who called me and wished me on my birthday but when they came home, shook hands and wished me happy birthday with excitement, happiness, anxiousness to know what more was coming from my side, my day was made. I saw a gleam in their eyes. They thoroughly enjoyed it and also the sweets. I sat with them and enjoyed a piece of cake myself. I had bought them small return gifts also which I was planning to give them. There were some sweets, pencils, notebooks, erasers, sharpeners, drawing notebooks which I had packed using a gift wrapper. These wonderful bright kids had never been given something special this way. They also didn't have such a privilege to celebrate their own in this way.  My husband and I went along with them in the evening to an ice cream parlour where we bought them ice creams of their choice. They laughed, licked their ice-creams happily and came home with us. We also bought them some games from a nearby flea market. I had made special sambhar (South Indian dish) for my birthday which I shared with their family. I wanted them to feel as much special as I was feeling that day.  That's when I felt my birthday was complete. This was a small gesture but it made me mentally very satisfied. It made my day. I felt happy.

This post has been written for  Coca-Cola International Day of Happiness. 
 Check out their video here.

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