Sunday, December 20, 2015

'The Bestseller She Wrote' by Ravi Subramanian- Book Review

Thanks BlogAdda  for sending me an author signed copy of the book with a personalized note. 

I was too excited to read this book from the day it was launched. I was about to buy it but there was a special feeling when I got an author signed copy of it. To be honest I haven't read any book written by Ravi Subramanian before; but I wanted to read this one, mainly because of the romance and drama in it and I am sucker for romance fiction. 

This book held on to me right from the first chapter. The introductory chapter has got the main plot in it from where the actual conflict and drama in the story begins. It is captivating and forces the readers to continue further to know what's going to happen next. As a curious reader one could form various stories after reading the first chapter but what happens in the events that follow are not predictable. The story takes twists and turns with equal dose of romance, suspense and drama. The plot is strong and one can find sub plots within a plot too. The choice of words has been simple which makes the readers flow with the story very well. Although, after the first few chapters I felt it had become a bit dragging but the scenario changed completely once few scenes got done with. Once the story catches pace, there is nothing to stop the readers from reading it till completion at once. I couldn't put the book down until I got to know the outcome of the story. I liked the sudden shift when the story suddenly flips from being a romantic one to a suspense fiction. The story is  realistic and talks about the current day scenario. We get a glimpse of the corporate and publishing world and the struggle faced by upcoming authors. Being someone who has attended workshops held by authors and publishing companies, I could relate to many aspects which have been portrayed. Any reader is bound to get hooked to this book.

The story talks about Aditya, who is a Banker by profession, writer by choice and a bestselling author. Being an IIMB Alumni he is invited for a lecture at IIMB where he first encounters Shreya, an IIM to-be-graduate, who is beautiful, young, sexy, witty and extremely smart. Later, we go on to find out that she is also good at scheming plots in fiction as well as reality, which makes her a good writer and also a relationship spoiler. That one meeting with Shreya is enough to cause havoc in Aditya's happy married life with Maya. Aditya is a bestselling author and much in demand, but falls for Shreya's writing skills, who aspires to become a bestselling author. She eventually persuades Aditya into making her a bestselling author by manipulating him emotionally which results in adultery by choice. Then follows a series of events in which Aditya faces an emotional turmoil when Maya finds out about him and Shreya. Then there is Sanjay, who is Aditya's best friend and has a major role to play in the entire story. The story unfolds its suspense only when Aditya's life is in a little more mess. The arrogant, heavy-headed and ambitious Aditya who gets persuaded by Shreya finally gets a grip on himself and manages to triumph over his emotionally wrecked state. The story ends on a positive note. I liked the play of emotions between the characters. Each character has been etched well and has a significant role in the story. All I can say is that I am just waiting to watch the movie. Now, that I have read about the characters I am imagining as to which actor/actress is going to suit the roles of Aditya, Maya and Shreya. 

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