Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Ugly Indian- Painting UFO's and #SpreadingTheVibe

When I read all the stories in Youth Ki Awaaz, I couldn't help but share the journey of this organization  - The Ugly IndianTheir work started even before the Swachch Bharath abhiyan had been flagged off by our Honourable Prime Minister. They are an anonymous group of  Indian citizens who work their way in maintaining the cleanliness of the namma city ;Bengaluru'  in different ways. They clear up garbage, they clean areas and all this is done as a voluntary work. Their motto is :  Kaam chalu mooh bandh, which means - Stop Talking, Start Doing. 

The dirty pillars of the flyover.    Picture Courtesy : The Ugly Indian
Any citizen interested to contribute to the maintenance of the city is invited to join their group. Once they accept our request, we would get updates from them to volunteer for the work they have at hand. They have been doing a lot of cleaning around work but the most interesting part of their work started in the year 2015. 

They were successful in their mission of painting 250 pillars of the flyovers in Bangalore from being dirty and neglected places into beautiful models. 

You can find the news link here : TOI- The Ugly Indian. This was their UFO/ Under the Flover Project which they undertook and turned the pillars under these flyovers into beautiful places. The government has built many flyovers in the city but they are the most neglected. The pillars merely turn out to be places where posters are stuck layer after layer. They get torn and tattered and no one bothers about them. The area around these pillars had become a garbage dumping ground and shelter for those who were homeless. The ugliness of the flyovers were making it difficult for pedestrians to even go across them. There were many uncouth citizens found urinating on these pillars which had just been the most neglected part of the majestic flyovers. Even the BBMP authorities have appreciated this move well. Many flyovers like the one in Domlur have been given a fresh look. You can find the news here : DNA- Domlur Flyover gets a makeover

The Ugly Indian Team at work - Picture Courtesy : The Ugly Indian.

Picture Courtesy : The Ugly Indian.

Picture Courtesy : The Ugly Indian

Picture Courtesy : The Ugly Indian

Picture Courtesy : The Ugly Indian

Picture Courtesy : The Ugly Indian
Their work started by scraping out all the posters that had been put up on the wall and then repainting them. The design, choice of colour has been made with a lot of care and anyone who visits Bangalore now will really feel this change in Namma Bengaluru's flyovers. They were in the news in 2015 for this major project that they had undertaken and successfully completed. By the end of 2015 the beautiful, picturesque flyovers had been dedicated to the citizens of Bangalore. Now the wait at traffic signals will not be that much of a pain when one looks at the colourful and extremely creatively done pillars of these flyovers. You can read more about them here : The Third Metric.  Along with the Ugly Indian this project was initiated by Jaaga and they named it UFO. You can read more about their work here : Deccan Herald.

TOI- Jaaga, The Ugly Indian has rightly documented the response of the citizens to this major project. Everyone is happy and the best part of these organizations is that they involve citizens of Bangalore. The people living here are more than happy to preserve the look of the city and prevent it from turning into the neglected one. 

Based on their previous projects, few more projects have been taken up with support from BBMP( Bruhat Bengaluru Mananagarapalike). 

When organizations like these come up such innovative ideas that can help in changing a city, it must be known to all and I am sure there will be much more done to preserve the beauty of my city Bengaluru. 

The change- Picture Courtesy : The Ugly Indian- Published in Jan 2016

Before and After- Published in Jan 2016, Picture Courtesy : The Ugly Indian
Picture Courtesy : The Ugly Indian- Published in Jan 2016


Tiger said...

They have turned the city into a slightly more habitable place. The design is not just a feast to the eyes but an eradicator of dirty underbelly like you very rightly said. I loved the pictures. Thanks for documenting it.


Power of Words said...

Thanks a lot Tiger Vamshi!!!