Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cat nuisance!!

The title might suggest that I am not fond of cats. Yes, those little creatures do freak me out. Not that I have been pounced upon by them but yes, they certainly freak me out. Why am I talking about cats, suddenly?? Want to know why??? Manipal is the only place so far I have seen where there are more cats than any other creatures. Dogs and cows are in majority. They can be seen anywhere and everywhere in India especially when it comes to public places but here, in Manipal cats dominate!

I see them everyday in and around the campus, near houses, hostels, in bins, any moment a cat may come mewing around you. These cats are in different sizes. Some are just kittens, some appear like normal cats, some huge ones and their musculature and posture is just like a mini leopard. It might sound funny seeing the way I have described but sooner or later I will add pictures to prove my point. At many occasions cats have actually followed me and also tried to play with me when I intend no harm to them and neither am I capable of petting them or even being near their vicinity. I am neither an animal lover nor an animal hater.

My policy is, “I respect your freedom, and you respect mine. So don’t come near me!”

A cat was following me one evening; I turned around and said, “Why are you troubling me? Stay there! You go your way and I will go my way.”

I was laughing within for having talked like that. The cat stopped and turned back and took few steps on the opposite side. I heaved a sigh of relief but then as soon I turned to go back, it followed me again. Few days ago there was a cat in my house!!! God knows how it entered my house but I know that the next moment I was up on my bed waiting for it to go out on its own. Such things have never happened with me even at home. In VIT it used to be dogs!! Be it cats or dogs my sympathetic nervous system gives its results.

If it was dogs in VIT , there are cats in Manipal but both these creatures seem to freak me out !!

My next posts will carry forward the differences!!


kanaFussi said...

Nice Post....Waiting for next post....

PD said...

सही है.. कभी कुत्ते पीछा करते हैं, कभी बिल्लियां..
कभी लड़कों के बारे मे भी लिखो..
हा हा हा.. :P

चलो अगले पोस्ट का इंतजार करता हूं.. जल्दी लिखना.. :)

Peyush said...

He he.....this one was too good......after dogs and cats, all the best for rats at the next place of yours :D