Saturday, November 22, 2008

Return from exile!!

It's been months that I have actually got the time to pen down some of my thoughts. Life has changed! That too, only after staying here only for 3 months. Manipal has the capability to change people.

Well, the change I am talking about is mostly the lifestyle. I have started living life in a way which I have never lived so far. There used to be days previously when I complained about not having time, but now I do not have even the time to complain. I am flowing with what's happening and not even getting an idea how to retrospect on it. That's life!! After coming from VIT, yet another protective atmosphere after school and home. Yes, I think VIT had pampered me a lot that's why I was facing a tough time initally but now that I have adjusted to the new life now.

My last post was written on 8th September and after longing for 2 months I am giving time to my blog. I felt as if I was not my own self. So in the event of rediscovering myself I am trying to differentiate how different was life 3 years back and how is it at present.

My next posts describes some of the striking difference and certain similarities that I found in Manipal and VIT.

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