Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Central Library


In the first place comparing 2 big Universities is really difficult but I think there are striking differences as well as similarities in the way life moves. Both VIT and MAHE have attained the University status. MAHE is a group of educational institutions which iincludes engineering, medical, management, hotel management, jewellery designing, communication etc all spread around a huge area. MAHE is quite old. VIT is mainly an engineering college which includes others courses related to management and Life Science.

It is very difficult to compare educational institutions but I am going to start the comparison with the most important place, The Library.

The library is huge and spread in a large area. There are volumes and volumes of books, journals, magazines in both the libraries. If one considers the infrastructure, it is almost the same.

The only thing that would matter to any student is freedom. There are no restirctions in the timings. In VIT there is specific time for girls that is only till 10pm and for boys it extends till 12am but here in MAHE central library, the timings are the same for boys and girls that is till 11:30pm.


The rules regarding the entry and exist is the same but there is one major difference.

Wanna know what????

In VIT we are constantly told, " Utilize the library, it has so much to give you."
But, how many actually utilize the facilities in the library.

In Manipal the no one needs to tell us to go to the library. In fact no one does. The pressure they give is so much that automatically the crowd ends up in the library studying. The library is the best socialising place in Manipal and I think after coming here library has become my second home but to add on I would surely mention I miss being in VIT library, the place which made me love to read in silence and the place where I actually learnt to utilize books.




PD said...

पुस्तकालय कि भी अपनी एक अलग संस्कॄति होती है.. मैं जब दिल्ली में रहता था तब कुछ लड़कों का साथ ऐसा मिला था कि जे.एन.यू.का पुस्तकालय अपना ना होते हुये भी वहीं दिन के 16 घंटे बीतते थे.. और वहीं जब वी.आई.टी.में ऐसे दोस्तों का साथ मिला कि अगर हमे कोई पुस्तकालय से बाहर आता देख लेता था तो सबसे पहला सवाल सामने से आता था , "तबियत ठीक है न?" :)
जबकी एम.सी.ए. में पढ़ाई का लोड बहुत होता था.. मगर मैं पुस्तकालय तभी जाता था जब कुछ समय अकेले गुजारने का मन करता था या फिर मन चिंतनशील होता था.. किताबें भी आज तक कभी लिया नहीं वी.आई.टी.पुस्तकालय से..

दोनों कालेज के पुस्तकालय के बारे में सुन कर अच्छा लगा.. :)

Power of Words said...

Ji bilkul sahi bhaiyaa. kisse aapke mazedaar haian

ankit said...

gud comparison.
i think neither the size nor the rules matter but what is more important is that what u gains inside that building...
if u r into library to get something.. u will definitely get it.

Varun Kumar Jaiswal said...

A very very good presentation .
U are really doing nice job .
thanks 4 this .

Power of Words said...

Thanks varun ...