Monday, April 5, 2010

Seasons of love

After writing my post on ' What - A Girl- wants' I got encouraging reviews from my readers. Based on that I went a little ahead do a bit of research on the psychological study of the male and the female mind and found that it is indeed an interesting topic. I was also engrossed in few of the mails that I received based on Dr.Louann Brizendine's recent book " The Male Brain". She has already written a book named" The Female Brain" before, in which she has thrown light upon those delicate and harsh facts that men need to know about a woman's psychology. Dr..Louann Brizendine is a psychologist and because of her book every newspaper is having posts with something related to what is called, ' Love,sex and deceit.' Thanks to the recent hindi movie, ' Love, sex aur Dhokha' which has been helpful in kindling these thoughts in people.

Keeping these points in mind I have few things expressed in a simple language because there exist certain people who go by the number of pages present in a book or it's thickness. This is for those who don't like to sit with a book and read continuously. It's a combination of certain books that I have read and my own observation. People might disagree with a lot of things which I may write but it's just a platform where I am sharing my own thoughts and trying to drill in some facts that I have come across.

I would like to drive home the point based on short instances. the situation is completely fictitious and the characters too though these characters might have certain traits which might be similar to a lot of my readers.

The most common phrase used to describe when a person is in love is : " Love is in the air."

Truly speaking, love is always there in the air, it's just that we are not able to breathe in that love along with the air. That's when something, called seasons of love comes into pictures.

Love varies according to the way people take it.

There's something called the Spring in love- when there is immense happiness and everything seems to be beautiful around just as nature seems to be equally beautiful then.

Summer in love- When it's extremely hot and love goes through hardships. It's very difficult to maintain it. People struggle at this time and if things don't go well they loose hope and love fails miserable even after having a beautiful spring.

Autumn in love- This is a more mature phase when one has to just sit back and feel relaxed and secure in love. Good thoughts settle in and great understanding develops.

Winter in love- This is a time when love is practically dormant. It's cold and meek. It goes under hibernation. It requires some rest and aloofness.

Love is always there in all seasons but it's just the way it expresses itself that matters the most.

Not talking more on this I would like to give few instances which would help in explaining the seasons of love.

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