Friday, October 30, 2015

5 point solution to keeping your baby's skin soft

How cute is this Ad!!! The New Pampers Pants has solved a major problem that parents, especially mothers face.They are always worried about rashes that occur when the baby has to be in a diaper the entire day. It is like a good bye to the tantrums and the crying sessions of the baby while putting on and removing the diaper, thus making parents' life easier. No crying, no rashes, no discomfort, parents can take the baby around for long hours outside without any trouble and thus they can be at ease when they travel. 

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We all have heard this simile ' As delicate as a baby' . An infant is very delicate. It takes time for a baby's biological system to develop. All the organs are very weak and develop as they grow. One among these is the largest organ in the human body- The skin. Their skin is feather soft and also very sensitive. It requires at least three years for a child's skin to develop and thicken from the top layer. 

There are few ways in which an infant's skin can be protected from external damage and kept soft. All parents follow it and it really helps. Oiling the skin of the baby daily with olive oil and giving a lukewarm water bath after that helps in maintaining the skin soft and supple. It is a very good source of Vitamin E which acts as a good antioxidant and is also beneficial for the skin. Parents must not over do it too. Little warm olive oil will also help. One can also used the commercially available and recommended baby body oils but only after consulting the pediatrician about the right brands. Before applying anything new to the skin a small patch test should be done by applying a drop of it on the hand and checking for any rashes or allergic reactions. A baby's skin is extremely sensitive to external topical agents so care must be taken. 

Allowing the baby to sleep on soft cotton blanket or a rug with a soft pillow also helps the baby's skin to remain untouched by allergies. Advisable to wash the blankets and rugs used for the baby separately with an antiseptic like dettol and sun dry it . Make sure that there are no mites or insects on the bed. This can cause allergies. A baby's skin is very easily prone to rashes and allergies by minor bites by a tick and mite. It can cause a lot of pain and discomfort which the baby will not be able to express, hence the crying sessions will continue making the parents worries and restless. 

If there are mosquitoes around your house ensure that the windows and also use a mosquito net to ensure the baby a peaceful sleep and also protect the delicate skin. Mosquito bites for adults can be just very normal but for babies it would hurt a lot. There are also cases of mosquito bite allergies seen. Ensure that the area around the house is kept clean and if you are staying in an apartment it is a must to make sure garbage is cleared daily.

While giving bath to the baby ensure that you use a mild shampoo and bathing soap. The soap should not cause any skin irritation. A gentle soap should be used which is recommended for a baby's skin. Before using any homemade bathing powders, such as using gram flour ensure that it suits your child's skin. Avoid powerful chemical containing soaps. It can cause damage to the delicate skin of your darling baby. 

The most common cause of skin rashes for a baby is the use of diapers which are very tight in fitting and also the material is very rough. Choosing the right kind of diaper is also very important. It should be soft and also not too tight fitting. Tight fitting diapers can cause severe skin rashes causing discomfort to the baby. Diapers should be changed frequently and make sure that it is wiped clean. Wipe clean the area with a soft tissue or a soft cotton cloth. Make sure the area is dry and clean and also well aerated. The clothes the baby is wearing also matter. The fabric used should be light and soft, slightly loose and preferably cotton which can allow enough air circulation.

Happy parenting!!

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