Monday, January 28, 2008

It's all about dance.

I was told by my dear ones that I am not updating my blog so often, so here's something new I got to share. It's all about dance and my love for it. When i am happy i feel like dancing and my heart swings and sings..." My dil goes hmmm hmmmm...."just like the peacock that dances before the onset of the rain. It shows my full energy and happniess for me is associated with colour. You would have come to know by now about my love for colours seeing the name of my blog itself so here's something that made me get atttracted towards dance and it began with the new show called " Nachle ve with Saroj Khan " on NDTV Imagine . A show where few students on the sets and the viewers can learn this art . In this we can learn dance with grace and it brings out the meaning of the cliche" Dancing made easy" by one of the best Choreographers Bollywood has now. It's for all those who can be patient and can spend sometime in front of the Tutor box. I got to learn something new this weekend and wish people like me who are interested can learn. I don't know myself how often i will be able to follow this show but for all those who can I must say," Try out! It's fun!!!"

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