Friday, January 11, 2008

A superb beginning!!!

A transformation……………

This is something which I felt in the first year… Everything was the same, the place especially and I was so close to nature….. it surely made me feel good. In the beginning of the first year 2006, I was in Chennai, when I wrote this poem... That time I had people around but hadn’t just understood the importance of friendship….


That night, New Year’s Eve, Me standing in Eliot’s beach….:
Not alone, but with half of Chennai around.
Why did I feel I was lonely… alone…. Stranded, with none by my side to protect me??
I was lonely inside.
The feeling that I had to face this dark world all alone made me feel lonely.
The dark clear sky seemed to merge with the sea.
As I stood, the strong waves splashed against me only trying to hold me back from my path.
The soft sand shrinking away from my feet……
Only I could balance myself, not only amidst the active sea but also in life…
Coming out of a protective atmosphere, it was difficult for me to find a place for myself…….. very difficult, even to make my presence felt in the crowd.

I realized, it was the time for me to be the cutting edge, face the world which was as restless as the sea…
The stars twinkling in the dark sky, only to show me my right path which could make me reach my goal.
The light house, every now and then throwing light on the sea, made me understand that the world was not fully dark.
I had a hope….. a hope to survive, with all my efforts.
The radiance just proved that there were angels sent in disguise, just for me in this world by the Almighty.
I was not alone……….

Slowly loneliness started bidding goodbye;
I was in full control, with strong steps,
I waded through the reckless sea, thinking, analyzing, pondering………..
A time came when I had to jump, higher than a wave to protect myself, just to prove that I could overpower those evil elements in this world.

I gained power, felt as if I was with the divine.
I looked up and felt as if the sky seemed to say, “Go ahead…… I am there to protect you. I will always be there with you.”

So what are you thinking over?????

If you had been thinking so then shun those thoughts and say to yourself, “I am not lonely, because I have the huge sky above to guide me and move along with me.”

Guess.. by now u must have understood the context of my writng all this…

Yes …………. It was great. I am bit late in updating my blog as I was lazy to type as for me pen goes faster than my hands on the keyboard……

Following………………. the concept of better late than never, I start here.
Today, 1st Jan 2008 , as I write this I guess I have , made an hat trick . I spent three years and each time it was the New year (in Chennai)(in my friend, Sandy’s place).
Everything was not the same. I was transformed. Three years of college life changed me completely. There is a vast difference between the beginning and the end of 3rd year. There’s uncertainty about my spending the New Year in Chennai again, next year. This year on New year eve I was with 4 of my dearest friends in a place called “Pyaverkaad.
It is about 50kms from Chennai, near Ponneri district. I didn’t need the world around. I didn’t bother. I had few loved ones that time and it was enough. After 3 years I got few gems in my life. The moments spent, the fun we had cannot be put in words. The last 2 days of the year were great for me. I could just chalk out those whom I loved the most and were in some way or the other sent by the Almighty for me!!!! I always felt no body’s lonely and I wasn’t too.

The place, the calm sea, the sound of the motor boat, water gurgling on corners, blue boats with their sky blue shafts lined up and the water, so clear… pebbles spread wide across the soft sand, the soft shining sun, white cranes flew across, small fishes jumping and trying to escape from falling into the net, the lagoon …. Everything seemed liked a fantasy, mesmerizing me… at each moment. All intermingled with nature. The cool breeze brought in memories of the Adventure novels of Enid Blyton which I used to read when I was (10-12 years old). My favourite author’s books and I used to read and imagine, today, I could stand there and actually describe like her and feel like her. I didn’t have to imagine anymore and the best coincidence was that we were 5 girls, just like “Famous Five “, one of the series of adventure books written by her.
To give a gist of it … It was EXOTIC!!!!!!!!!

What else………………
New Year went by watching Taare Zameen Par……..
I saw colour, I saw an Angel In Disguise. Just felt it was a universal law!!!!
An emotional journey and two and half hours sped past like clear waters…
It seemed like a low tide with just the sun shining mildly over.
Wasn’t it????? Something like my 31st of December, 2007…….Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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