Tuesday, January 29, 2008


With Riviera'08 coming up, i have got something that takes me down the memory lane.....

The whistle blew…. it was just that moment…. as if back to reality.
People walked past in black, in blue’s……some with tags and some without them.
I stopped near the central place….just in front of the main building… stranded;
As the train went off, I took a deep breath….
In that rumbling sound, I found, I had gone far… a lot….ahead.

The sound that I felt was so unfamiliar….something so close but it was usual,
Now it seemed as if I was missing a train…
My soul was running behind it…. I ran … I ran….but couldn’t catch it.
My VIT life … was running far ahead and I was left in the place, I was in.

This is how things will go on;
We got to move on.
I will carry back the moments of that journey, the passengers, the stoppages, the breaks, the jiffs and the jerks….everything.

Someone just rushed past me… and I was propelled and ushered into a dingy room by a strong hand……
It was the feel of Riviera… ‘Riviera -The Life’.

I was back to reality with the smell of fresh grass, the atmosphere, the chattering, the laughter, the smell of paint and the intoxicating smell of coffee beans.

Who’s a senior who’s a junior.. No one knew.
All had but one thing in common: ‘ The Riviera Tag’.

A year long wait and the countdown begin…
One question in minds,
Oh !! when? When? When will it begin???
This is what my heart keeps singing.

I am excited , anxious, elated;
Hoping it never becomes belated.
The cheering-jeering, the selections, the sounds from the auditorium, music, theatre, artists, budding talents, cosmopolitans…room for all;
We are together… we become one… lest we may fall…!!!
A mingling atmosphere, never seen before but only in one such grand event… “The big Success,” … always ……..

10 days, 20 days, 56 days, 90 days????.....
It all begins from the time the previous one ends..
A great beginning, the rapturous music, 4 days of fun and frolic;
You eat, sleep, drink, play, enjoy, cry, wile away and wait until you see the magic.
None to bother, it is all a ‘We’ that becomes ‘us’
Life is spicy;
We make it icy.

I stand with folded hands, still I get pulled….

“Come on… dance”,
“Come on… sing”, “Come on… work”,
“Come on… laugh”,
“Come on… just live life like a king…..”
We are on a spree;
As we are free.

We realize, we are the ones who can bring a difference… ‘ A transformation…’
There’s color, there’s wonder;
VIT says, “Come and ponder.”

The yellow buses, the horns, the whistles, all are replaced by the flickering light;
That blinds my sight.

Woooooooooooo all shout.. all jump,
The rock nites.., the musical roller coaster, the foot tapping numbers….
We go on…..
The dark sky, fully illuminated, shines and all faces shine along….
We hold hands, in that madness;
To sing the song of ‘ Togetherness’.

The reel like life rewinds……..
It’s the stadium… with thousands… cheering.
The journey ends ends for some….
There’s another waiting but none better than this one………….!!!!!!

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sashant said...

rockingly written. and don't kill me if u find me using ur lines "Life is spicy;
We make it icy." anywhere!!!