Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lead India……………..

तुम चलो तो हिंदुस्तान चले…. हिंदुस्तान चले…..

Well I am talking about the new reality tv show, Lead India, started by the Times of India group on 26th of January in Star one channel. With Anupam Kher as the host this show has taken the initiative to get the so called “ Humara neta” , kind of a responsible individual. We, will choose our leader and this is no more restricted to mere words but now it is a reality tv show. After the auditions in 8 main cities in India , there were 8 candidates who were slelected and I can the 8 gems. Once when they were introduced in the show I could just say that such people also exist even in India. We wonder whether there are such responsible citizens existing in India , who can become the real leaders but now we really don’t need to wonder as there are a few in the crowd who can.. ‘Make A Difference’. With 3 eminent judges like Kiran Bedi, Vikram Singh( Sr Editor Times of India grp) and Javed Akthar, something good can be expected froim this show. The best thing is the sound track that follows this show. How can one not stop to take a look at the show at least once when we have the captivating voice of Shankar Mahadevan and Sukhvinder Singh saying..( tum chalo….) In short I can say… It’s worth watching . This my message to all the politics lovers, “Here’s something for you, take a glance once.”( Lead India.. Star One)

With this show running on one side, I got an opportunity to be a part of a real India in my own way. I spent my day with my friends Aashi, Ippu and Ani in an association for women called “ Markaz-e-Niswan”(Center for Women) in Vaniyambadi ( a small town near Vellore district). We spent few hours with the girls and the women there, helping them out and interacting with them and I must say my day was great. We got to see some individuals on Reality tv shows but behind the screens there are some angels who not only think but also, practice what they preach. Yes… I am talking about a woman next door, a doctor, a wonder mother and an excellent human being Dr. Zahida Parveen( my friend Aashi’s mom), who thought of starting an association like this along with other women in Vaniyambadi. It is increasing day by day in strength and I really hope it goes a long way.

All this, took me down the memory lane, back to my school days where I must be thankful to my school for giving me a platform to contribute to mankind in my own little way. I get remembered of the motto which we were taught in the Rotary and Interact Club…. “Service above Self”.

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