Thursday, December 18, 2014

A roller coaster back into our childhood

When there are kids at home it seems as if we are living each moment with them in their way. We are transported back to our childhood days where we could enjoy being children of their age again. When we are with them, the child within us comes alive. Our lives start changing in every way. There was a time when as a couple we were on our own planning a romantic vacation, but now we look forward to a vacation where we can take our children along. We look for enjoyment in the form of fun and frolic, an adventure trail that would not be taking a toll on our kids, a place where they can we safe and we can enjoy seeing them play, where there are informative things to see and learn, a place which will create a positive impact on the child's upbringing.  Children add magic to our trip. Their very presence makes us feel so alive. When adults travel there will be only gossips and silent admiration of the surroundings. On the other hand when we travel with kids, they will force us to talk by asking questions, by talking about innocent facts that they know, they will bring the sport spirit and the adventurer in us alive. We would be constantly on our toes. Our fitness level will increase being with kids. We will be forced to eat right so that our kids do not fall prey to unhealthy food because of us eating junk. Children will make us travel to places where we wouldn't have gone during our childhood days. We would be able to connect with them better. We will be able to see the world through their eyes. At this age we would be able to interpret their thoughts and imaginations. We, as adults who are just bogged down with work pressure and tensions in life would try taking out time to unwind. When we travel with them they will ensure that our 100% attention is towards them. This will also help a couple bond with each other in a better way; The way in which they would enjoy would bring out the happy feeling within us. If we give them a happy vacation where they would learn something and it would help us in the upbringing of the child in a constructive way. Our holiday would turn out to be fruitful. That's when we start relating to life more. We connect with the outer world with the same innocence as the child does. 

While travelling with kids there are many parameters that should be considered. Planning for the trip in the right way is very important. We should also choose travel destinations accordingly. When we are travelling with kids we have to ensure that the places where we are planning to go have clean drinking water and hygienic food facility. There is a small pool for children or any pool where we can make the child enjoy playing in the water safely along with us, a place where there are good sanitation facilities, a place which has a baby care facility, where there are clinics/hospitals nearby just to ensure that our kid doesn't suffer with any health issue there. Kids love eating food that will attract the eyes as well as something that is tasty and made with less spice. A place where they would keep snack items and milk boiling facilities for kids would be great because as parents we would not have trouble to search for a suitable place to eat just for the child. This way we also reduce the luggage we will be carrying which generally contains a child's food requirement to the maximum. A holiday should be such that the child should be able to learn something new wherever he/she travels. Travel should enrich their knowledge and it should be able show them the world in reality. What they just see or read should come alive. A child who experiences different kind of situations while travelling in the childhood days will become strong physically, mentally as well and emotionally. He/she will be able to connect with the world better. This will help in the growth of the child as a complete individual. The child will be able to remember first hand experiences for example : Going to the Zoo and seeing animals, going to see a waterfall, going for swimming, going for climbing along the rocks, going to an amusement park, going to a museum, going to a planetarium where they can learn etc.. They will be able to understand their curriculum better. They will be able to share beautiful experiences with others. When we grow as adults they will have wonderful experiences and stories to tell. They will know the world better. So as parents we must ensure that our child is having his/her overall development. We should make sure they are able to have fun, they are safe, they are healthy, they will be able to enjoy in all aspects. Any place where the child can learn and grow for the better would be the top most priority for me. A healthy child is a happy child. Health and sanitation issues should be taken care of by any parents before planning to travel. Any place which has special provisions for the kids to play and enjoy should be top in the priority. Places like a beautiful resort where we have amusement games for the kids as well as for parents to play along with them.  We should choose a place where kids can interact and mingle with other children of their age. We would shun our own inhibitions and travel to places which are only friendly for kids. Even if the charges are a little high the priority should be given on safety and happiness of the child. We should ensure that with each holiday the child learns something new and we should constantly interact with the child during the holiday to know if the child understood about the place and also always be upfront in answering their never ending questions. Their quest for knowledge should be more and they should be able to experience life to the fullest with each trip experience. It is our responsibility as parents to give wonderful travel experiences to our children which they will remember always.

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