Friday, December 5, 2014

Living in our dreams

There have been so many instances that we have had dreams and we have not been able to realize how these dreams have come to us in the first place. We feel that we have been transported into some foreign land. They are just an extension of our imagination. We always dream of a wonderful house where we could just sit back and relax and have fun but when we are getting a chance through Airbnb, why say NO???

There are places which we want to visit and locations that we love but for some reason we cannot live there. Mainly economical constraints are problematic for us. We try to choose something that people provide. Their home, which is beautifully decked and still doesn't feel like a hotel. It feels like our home. It is a platform where one can meet different people and stay in unique places. So here goes my Whislist for staying in different parts of the country :

1.  Tree house, charming hideaway... North Kuta, bali, Indonesia

Who would not love to live in a tree house. The top among my wish list. I have never visited Bali but when I would visit I would prefer in staying in a tree house there and also enjoy the beaches and culture of Bali. The aesthetic look and also the wooden architecture has made this my favourite. The rooms are beautifully done and the upholstery is amazing. The wooden furniture , the beautifully designed pool, cozy bedroom with adequate greenery would be the most amazing place to have a romantic stay with my husband. 

2. ADVENTURE IN THE SNOW - Igloo Night ...... K├╝htai, Tirol, Austria

It has always been my husband's dream to stay in a place where it would snow. He always wanted to live for years together in a place like Alaska or Iceland. Staying in a Igloo always fascinated him. When I looked up this place in Austria I was totally over bowled. It seems like the perfect place where I could stay with my husband and also fulfill his dream. The romantic seating inside. We would be feeling the actual cold around. It would be like living a life of the Eskimos. Snow skiing and enjoying some warm food cooked in a cold surrounding. This would make me feel out of the world. Never have I seen such a beautiful place to stay. 

3. Treehouse in lovely farm setting............SHELBURNE FLS, MA, United States

I am really in love with tree houses. It is a small and a cozy house. A warm appeal when I look at it. Simple interiors and also great designs. It has been made keeping in mind the warmth that it wants to extend to the people staying there. I loved it to the core . Just out of the fairy tales . It would be the most homely approach to living in the US.

4.  Valley Hideaway with Mountain Views........Gibbston, Otago, New Zealand

New Zealand would be the next honeymoon destination for us. The meadows and the beautiful green mountains and grasslands. This would be the place where I would love to go with my husband. A great honeymoon. There cannot be anything better than getting a place like this to stay. The name itself is so alluring and creative. The house is made of woods and also stone. The interiors and simple yet exquisite. The whole feel is beautiful. I can imagine how relaxing and how amazing the sight would be to wake up and see those high mountains from the glass door. I can't ask for more. The colours used are pleasant and appealing. I would choose this as a gift for me and my husband. 

5.  Beautiful Studio,BTS Silom and MRT.........Bangkok, Thailand   

A very bright and colourful house in Thailand. It could lift up the mood. The colours used are just perfect. The use of bright colours has made it very lively. I would love to stay here. 

So, what are you waiting for ?? Click here to invite your friends too :)  

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