Saturday, November 29, 2014

It is never too late to speak up!

Do we all need to speak up only when there are campaigns? It is like questioning our own morals that we inculcated all this while. 

All that was needed was a small push in the form of an initiative taken by #Strepsils, FacebookTwitter to make this very innovative website , where anyone could give their opinion on different issues that are of concern these days. These issues have been prevailing in our social and political system for a long time. Some are in a dormant state and some are half activated. We do not have the courage to face the consequences being a normal working class citizen of the country.

This is mainly because the mentality of the general public is not able to bring about a change. For instance, if one person stands up to go against injustice; say female trafficking, there is someone out there to oppose it just to keep himself out of the legal muddle. Media has become aware and is portraying such social issues on television and in movies, but practically all social issues are not being addressed. The current government headed by our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has started taking some positive steps, which is why organizations are coming up with positive ideas because they know that someone out there in the government is there to help them sort issues and show them a ray of hope. Nonetheless, whether government helps 100% or not the voice of the general public that constitutes a nation is the most powerful. When one person stands against a cause no one will care, but when a nation stands for this cause, everyone cares. These can involve the  educated who have access to the Internet and are aware of the social calamities that are prevailing for ages.

In order to prevent our democratic system from rotting #AbMontuBolega have made an attempt to give a voice to everyone's thoughts. Those thoughts which have been stuck in the throat like bacteria, thus  preventing us from speaking up. We just need to gulp down a Strepsil and clear our throat in order to make ourselves heard. We are relieved of the so called congestion in our thoughts and mind. The fear of speaking up should go; just as a throat irritation can be soothed by taking Strepsils. 

It takes a lot of courage and creativity to bring out a campaign like this where one can talk about  #Make in India, #SwachhBharatAbhiyan, #ISL, # ShameGame etc. 

So, we all are those Montu's who keep listening to others advice and never have the courage to follow what our heart says and what is right. It is high time we spoke up what was in our mind. Anything that is even close to injustice should be voiced out and discussed so that a solution can be given. All we need to do is just get to this website and put down our thoughts. The more the number of ideas, the more will be options to provide a solution. It is we who know what are those issues which prevail in our area and if we out it out on public everyone gets to know the issues.

Let us take the example of the #SwachhBharat campaign. We have to retrospect whether we want our future generation to live in a clean India that progresses as a developed country to bring it down to a sham. A clean India will give rise to a healthy India. Healthy is  the only wealth that is going to ours forever.

When there can be cleanliness in a few places, why can’t it be maintained uniformly all over?
Why only the so called upper class gets the opportunity to live in a clean place? Why the under privileged needs to suffer? We need one Prime Minister and his team to instill these thoughts in us.

We are the future of our country. If there is hardly any cleanliness, mortality rate increases and a country which could progress so much starts having its slow downfall. We all want to breath fresh air, eat and drink  fresh food and water. It is only possible if we maintain a clean environment. A clean environment is a green environment. Disposing waste properly, recycling waste, building a proper drainage facility, sewage treatment and clean sanitation facilities can make our country a better place to live in.
Citizens will not try emigrating to other countries. This is something in which we can participate easily. Giving our 1% contribution also matters for 100% results. We have to maintain cleanliness in our surroundings and our home first and then talk about the locality.

Let  us all help build a beautiful nation. 


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Very thoughtful post. I like the tone of it.

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