Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Living in Paradise

My dream home should be something that I can choose without a restriction in the usage of the money I have. I would prefer to decorate it the way I want. It should have luxury as well as simplicity. I would pick up a 4BHK ( Bedroom, Hall and Kitchen) as seen in website. Purchasing a home at this real estate and getting my interiors done with products from PORCELANOSA  is my dream. I would like to have as much money with which I can design my own comfort living. 

Home is the place where we feel the most secure so I would like to start from my living room. The place where my LED wall mounted television will be placed against a wallpaper made of Ceramic Wall tiles with an off white and maroon mixed combination. I would choose a flower shaped pattern with these colours running in alternate so that there is a balance. When light falls on them it should appear bright and lively. My television would be in the center. I love the ceramic make. It gives a solid feel to the room and also can be cleaned and wiped easily. I can get them made into designs of my own. Flooring for the room should be an Anti slip one with a complementing colour so that it provides grip while walking. Maintaining it will also be easy and when I carpet a small area where my coffee table would be kept, it would give firmness to the furniture kept and yet give a smooth look . The room should look wider than it is. A huge music system in the corner, home theater, reclining cushioned sofas and  huge teak wood open book shelf  kept against the ceramic maroon and off- white background would make the look of my living room complete. One side of the plain off-white ceramic wall would be left just empty to put up beautiful photo frames. 

We enter into the most beautiful part of my house. The kitchen. The kitchen flooring should be again Anti- slip as it does not allow any problems while cooking or get affected with spills. It can also be cleaned easily and continues along with my living room so the flooring make should match. However, my kitchen wall should be like Mosaics where I want to use natural stones of different colours. I should be able to decorate them with alternate natural stone colours so that it has got a lively yet a dull appeal from far. When I enter the kitchen I should feel like cooking and the mosaic is easy to wipe and clean in case of oil splashes. The kitchen furniture should be G680 Roble Camel Vintage / G480 Blanco Mate which has got a mix of white and brown with a small space to keep a four square dining table looks neat and yet my kitchen would look chic. The sinks would be in the center. Storage of utensils would be inside the brown cabinets. For me it was a good balance of colours. Kitchen- Dining table should be made of : Table : Dreams KRION and Chairs Clever Negro / Cincha Negra. It would complement the white kitchen table top and also my flooring. The chairs and simple and beautiful for seating. There would be different colours in my entire kitchen.  Kitchen taps should be in  Monomando Loop make. It is sleek and smooth and the shape is beautiful. The lusture of the taps looks perfect against the dull mosaic background. Kitchen workshop should be one that matches my kitchen furniture set up.  RION would be my choice as it is white and long. The colour will brighten up the area and the length will give lot of space for me to keep my dishes and cook. This makes my kitchen complete. I would love to keep some indoor plants on this kitchen table to add to the colour. 

I wanted the flooring and the walls to be same for all three bedrooms and a little different for my study room. I wanted Natural Wood for all my bedrooms because it gives a very earthy and cosy feeling. The first thing that I sould do after getting off of my bed and step on the wooden flooring, I should feel like I am transported into some sort of a tree house. A soft touch. I wanted the same feeling for all my bedrooms. The wall tiles should be made of  Natural stone
Pizarra Delhi Natural Home Bioprot 40 x 80 x 1,5 cm, Pizarra Delhi Pulido Bioprot 30 x 30 x 1,2 cm which would be the best use as it will give a cool effect and a earthly match with my wooden flooring. A cosy look, easy maintenance and yet a luxurious feel. For me, home should not be like a business suite, but a very comfortable place where I would love to be back after a hard day's work. Wardrobes in my room should be - Terra Nogal Tenue / Lino CancĂșn Textil  that would match up with my flooring and provide a lot of moving space in the room. I wanted lots of cabinets inside yet they should be hidden under one single door. This would make my room look spacious and look classy at the same time. 

For my study I wanted PAR-KER -Ceramic parquet for the flooring and the wall tiles. It is easy to maintain and also is resistant to any rough usage. It would give a uniform and soothing appeal. The very thought of being in the study, reading and enjoying the books should be fun then. 

For my bathrooms I wanted the flooring to be made of STONE-KER and wall tiles STON-KER Estocolmo Natural 22 x 90 cm / 14,3 x 90 cm , STON-KER® floor tiles Estocolmo Natural 22 x 90 cm / 14,3 x 90 cm. This would add beauty to my bathrooms and also add a lot of mirth. When hot water splashes on the stone floor it would be perfect for a very natural living. It would be like going to some resort and staying. My bathroom should also include accessories from KRION  Bathroom collections Epoque that would fit in perfectly with the flooring and the wall tiles. 

Overall, this would be my choice to make a dream home. 

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