Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Connecting people connecting lives

Lufthansa has brought in better options for Indians by introducing the world's largest passenger aircraft  A380 #LufthansaA380. In the recent years people have started travelling more and technology has advanced so much that booking a flight ticket from Frankfurt to nine (9) international cities ( Delhi, New York, Miami, Shanghai, Houston,Johannesburg, Beijing, San Francisco,Singapore) has become very easy .

The ease which which anyone can travel from Delhi, India to Frankfurt and back is commendable. Daily flight introduction has made commute easier for people. Travel and tourism industry is benefited, employment increases, people can travel in luxury, it can also help improve trade, meeting relatives and friends will not be a long lost dream where one has to wait for days and pass through the long passenger queues to reach Germany or India. Both ways, people are going to be happy. India will have more travellers from other countries. Indians who are working in Germany and other European countries have a easy access to travel to India. They don't have to wait for specific days to book tickets. Introduction of the airlines for India makes any communications related to India easy. One can go to the Lufthansa's office and clear their queries.

 There are different modes of seating. One can take an economy class also and get to travel to a different country. They have Economy, Business and First class.  This was the much required aircraft for our country because the travellers from other countries were having a lot of problems going back home or coming to India. It has improved the tourism industry a lot. Delhi, being the capital of India is the place where maximum passengers travel to and fro from different countries. Anyone can reach Delhi airport easily from any part of India and get connected to reach Frankfurt. The flight bookings have become hassle free and also daily flights help in reducing one time rush. Now it is affordable for different class of crowd in India and they can gain a lot from it. It saves money, time and energy for any traveller instead of hopping from one city to the other. More the number of seats, more the number of people travel at the same time. There is more scope for Indians to visit their international destinations. Now travellers will save time and reach the destination easily. No last minute rush or anxiety for not getting the tickets. Reaching our loved ones has become easy. Daily flights will help bridge the gap created by distance. One can meet folks back home in India by booking tickets anytime. 

In recent times, India has become more advanced and aware , when it comes to travel. More and more people want to explore international locations or take long vacation breaks. The food served is Indian. The aircraft has been made in such a way that it will match the Indian taste also. Travelling with family will no longer be an issue. Indians can also get a taste of royal and comfortable travelling.

The long waiting hours to reach any place abroad has reduced. These are direct flights without taking any major breaks . This will be helpful in providing comfort and easy travel solution for Indians. Gone are those days where Indians hesitated to travel to international locations for a tour. It was confined to only business trips. Now with increasing economical status of the Indians, many try to take vacations at least once to an international location. The ones who can afford to travel are blessed with this. The number of passengers from India will be more because the population is more. It will also become easy for citizens of Europe to come to India easily. They would land in the country's capital, New Delhi. The more the number of passengers , more will be the income. We can welcome people from different cultures here. Indians employed in the aviation industry also have an extra option for employment. As the number of airlines increase, more will be the number of employees working for the aviation industry.

Political connect will improve, trade will get a boost, tourism industry will improve in both countries and Indians can enjoy travel without any restriction. It is going to be best suited for the future considering the increasing population of our country. Overall, a wonderful experience.  

So, if you want to travel to Germany or any European country then you should check the Lufthansa India website and also have a look at A380 Timelapse video .

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