Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Swachh Bharat = Swasth Bharat( Clean India = Healthy India)

Our honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has started the "Swachh Bharat" campaign and from then, his noble initiative has become viral. If not all at least one citizen in the locality has started maintaining cleanliness. Probably an encouragement and initiative like this was long overdue. Cleanliness is not just about sweeping the road or clearing garbage. It is also about providing hygienic environment for the people around by building clean toilets for public use. Building them more in number should be the motive so that it is easy to match up with the increasing population. Second step is to clean them regularly and provide adequate water supply. 

“Toilet for Babli" is a great step taken by Domex -//www.domex.in/ towards maintaining cleanliness and hygiene for a healthy India. A healthy India is a rich India. As the healthier the people are the better the resources get utilized and we get more manpower. A healthy child when educated can be one of the best contributors for making India the best among the developed countries

The ill effects apply the same for a male and a female child. Sanitation is one of the basic modes of hygiene everyone has to maintain because urine and feces are the major source of attracting bacteria and virus which can spread through contact.  This is one of the main causes of diarrhea, intestinal worm infections, typhoid, cholera and hepatitis. Among these major source of contamination is drinking water. This decomposed matter mixes with the soil and get washed into the rivers and ponds or it can gets mixed with soil. The villagers around use the same contaminated water for domestic purposes. Thatis how everyone carries infection home. Open defecation attracts mosquitoes and flies that breed on them. In return these transfer microorganisms to food and water that is left uncovered. Sometimes these feces are unknowingly consumed by children who are unaware of the sanitation issues. Children live and play around that infected area , not knowing about the health hazards. Parents are also  uneducated and are not able to teach their children about hygiene. Passing urine in public also has extreme health hazards and mainly female children are more vulnerable to contracting  Urinary Tract Infections ( UTI). Young girls hesitate to urinate and defecate in public because they are very shy. They try to hold urine  while searching for a proper place to urinate. Holding urine for a long time causes bladder distention and leads to urinary problems mainly in females. Major cause of a  social and psychological impact on the future women of India. There are also safety issues for our young and innocent Babli who goes to an open area where the chances of sexual abuse are very high. This issue is very common since girls prefer isolated and dark areas to urinate and defecate in the fear of being seen in public. They fall prey to untoward incidents. Many cases of rape have been reported when young girls have gone alone around thick vegetation for urination or defecation especially when it is dark.

If the young generation is affected , the future of our country is at stake. We should join hands for this cause and bring a revolution. 

Educated citizens like us who are aware of the consequences should help such organizations like : Domex , to make their campaign and their noble initiative a success. 

Our contribution is just a Click! away.....

So, readers please participate  by clicking on : Contribute Now (You Click Domex Contributes) in the website http://www.domex.in/.

Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life. 

Remember its you who can bring about the change in the lives of millions of kids, thereby showing your support for the Domex Initiative. 


Unknown said...

This Swachh Bharat circle was initiated by Ministry of Urban Development in Oct 2014 upon the launch of Swachh Bharat Mission and is now the largest Swachh Bharat citizen community!

Unknown said...

This Circle & community is dedicated to fight corruption together

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