Monday, November 10, 2014

Health is wealth

We struggle for years together, get educated, slog at our work place in order to earn a living and lead a good life. The modern day lifestyle has become such that we are becoming a slave to technology and the sedentary way of living. It includes round the clock lifestyle working inside air conditioned rooms, increasing stress and mental disturbance. We cannot change the way we are living and eating the way we do today. We can only improve our lifestyle and make changes in our diet and way of living so that we can prevent our future generation from the ill effects of the environmental changes that are happening day by day, If a disease prevails in the elderly generation today at the age of 40 we are prone to get it at the age of 20 if we do not modify our lifestyle. We cannot even think how our kids will be. They will be far more advanced when it comes to education and technology and at the same time they will be surrounded by all the immune system attacking terrorists.

As parents, its our responsibility to make it a disease free environment for our children. We give them the right kind of food in the right amount and allow them not to succumb to all the disadvantages of modernization. The child will create our future and for a child to be health we need to be well aware of all the dietary supplements we are supposed to give them at the right age. There have been cases reported of children suffering with diabetes when they are born or they develop it as they are growing. We, as parents must ensure that a child doesn't have any difficulty to progress further in this competitive world just because of health issues. We educate ourselves so much today so that we are parents who are aware of the ill effects of health issues. Immunity reduces with lifestyle and if parents don't follow a good lifestyle it certainly affects the children.

While working in my lab, I encountered a couple with a 6 month old baby boy who had come to us to get their infant screened for inborn errors of metabolism. They was global developmental delay that was observed and also some other neurological symptoms had slowly started to show. The despair in the eyes of the parents was unbearable as they had been gifted with the wonderful child after lot of complications during the mother's pregnancy. A proper consultation with the right doctor and strictly following the diet control did improve the child a bit, two months from then. They kept coming regularly for constant check ups. One fine day they were so tired of following the diet regime that they reverted to the normal way of supplements, which was not right. The child started suffering again. Whatever money was earned by the parents went in treating the child and also affected the child's education often.

I couldn't bear to see the agony and pain the parents would go through while bringing their child for blood tests and doctor's consultation. That's when it struck me that its better to prevent something which we have in hand and if there's something genetic we cannot predict or prevent we need to religiously follow the  regime suggested by a clinician. Lets all think of being healthy . That's how money that we earn will be utilized for all the right thing and make us wealthy automatically.

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Unknown said...

Very thought-provoking and educative article Archana. Keep it up.
Amma & Appa