Thursday, August 20, 2015

Building a dream home #HomeCanvas

After staying in a city like Bangalore which is slowly increasing in population, I decided that if at all there should be a dream home , it should be in a place where would want to spend a holiday or a nice weekend. It could be any destination within 60 km limit from the city so that it doesn't make us feel too tired to travel all the way and spend the weekend there. I realized that that the city traffic and the bursting population will not have any solution. The city might expand from its outer limits but moving around might be very difficult. However, I have to accept this fact and live here because this is the city that has given me my dream job and my future family. So, my husband and I decided to have a house which we can call as our own. It should be a place where we can seek solace and comfort. One such place to live which we can easily call as our dream holiday home-  'A Weekend Home.' 

Thanks to Godrej Interio for even giving me the reason to think about having a dream home. We have been staying in a rented house. From the day I came to this house I started feeling that it was mine. But I realized soon that however attached I might have got to this house, there will a time when I would have to leave this place. I had never given a forethought to the specifications of my dream home. 

I have always wanted a house with space provided for a garden where we could sit in the evening and have tea/coffee and enjoy the beauty around. A small garden with few flowering plants and ornamental plants. I wanted to have some home grown vegetables where my husband I could do organic farming. Our house should be a self sustainable house with rain water harvesting facility with solar power. There should be a small garage in the basement. A cemented path should lead to the garage from the top. 

The walls of the house should be made of stone and the ceiling should be made of wood. They should be strong enough to withstand heavy rain and strong wind.  My husband always wanted a fireplace in the drawing room. We would prefer to have minimal furniture in order to give the house an open look. The drawing room should have a sliding glass door that opens into the garden. It should be such that when we open the door, enough sunlight should penetrate inside the room plus we could also have the view of our beautiful mini garden while sitting inside the house. The furniture chosen would be made of rot iron or teak wood. We wanted a corner adjacent to the drawing room where we would have our book rack and also a reclining chair or a bean bag where we could sit and read books at leisure while sipping a piping hot mug of coffee. One corner of our stone wall will be dedicated for the various photo memoirs that we would like to hang. The upholstery chosen would be of monotone colours. We would prefer white netted curtains and brown cushion covers. 

All the bedrooms should have a soft yet comfortable queen size bed and a wooden side table. Wooden racks attached to stone walls should be there to keep souvenirs from our personal collection. Wardrobes would be simple and made of wood again where could keep our clothes. We did not plan to have a television in the house because the house should be able to keep us cut off from our regular life. The bath and washrooms would have a tiled flooring with simple yet beautiful faucets. We wanted to keep the bath area simple yet sophisticated. Only the shower area would have a wooden flooring in order to give a natural feel to it. 

Coming to the most important part in the house- The Kitchen. I wanted an L- shaped look in my kitchen. The granite slab should have all the important appliances needed including the gas stove and the chimney attached on top. The center of the kitchen should be left empty and should allow enough moving space. A small table should be attached one corner of the wall where we can keep 4 chairs. It should serve as a  mini dining area inside the kitchen. Kitchen should also have an open area with sliding glass doors overlooking the backyard where we would have planted our mini organic farm. This would help me as I would have easy access to the vegetables. 

We would also plan to contact some local villagers around to take care of the garden in our absence. Our home should a place where we would wake up to the sound of the chirping birds instead of the blaring horns of the vehicles. A home close to nature. 

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Unknown said...

This is such a wonderful post Archu. I can only imagine how beautiful your home will be given a chance! The organic farm sounds like a bit of my dream too. OH well, lets see what the future holds in for us. Good luck to you both xx

Unknown said...

This is such a wonderful post Archu. I can only imagine how beautiful your home will be given a chance! The organic farm sounds like a bit of my dream too. OH well, lets see what the future holds in for us. Good luck to you both xx

Power of Words said...

Hoping such a home can even exist in and around Bangalore Sandy!!