Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Flipkart IndiBlogger Meet - Bangalore

The most  important reason for even planning to attend this meet was the combination of Flipkart and IndiBlogger. Both, being one of the most sought after platforms on the Internet. I had an added personal reason to this too. As there couldn't be any other platform where a blogger wife and a techie husband working at Flipkart could attend the meet at the same time.Thanks to IndiBlogger, I got the invite soon. I had always wanted my husband to attend an IndiBlogger meet with me. He was not keen on registering his blogs in blogging platforms like IndiBlogger so it was too difficult to bring him along in any of the meet ups. It was a luck by chance event for me. 

This is the second IndiBlogger meet I have attended in Bangalore.The venue being Hard Rock Cafe, Bangalore turned out to be a relaxed yet happening Saturday for me. Unlike the other Saturdays' when I need to slog at work. We were welcomed by the IndiBlogger team with the usual energetic rock performance by the very own IndiBlogger band. The venue, HRC was serving the purpose to add extra energy to the performance. With this warm up session we were introduced to the team from Flipkart headed by Mr. Punit Soni, the Chief Product Officer, who was accompanied by the  product development team. They were here to introduce and also demonstrate the use of the newly developed feature in their mobile app called- Point-Shoot-Buy. This feature enables the users to buy similar or the same kind of products from the Flipkart App store by just clicking a picture of the desired product we would like to have. It could be a picture of someone wearing a dress, a mannequin in a mall, an expensive watch in the showroom, a trendy shoe someone has worn to a restaurant, a sexy outfit worn by a colleague at an office party or even a poster of a bollywood/hollywood star with a ensemble we would like to re-create on us. The only catch or disadvantage of this feature to me seemed,; not recognizing the products if the picture is taken in low light. Adequately bright picture is required to search similar kind of products easily. Currently, only fashion products could be purchased using this feature from the Flipkart App. It seems to be a very nice feature especially for people like me who want to have clothes or fashion products which look attractive while on display in shopping malls or even showrooms. "How awesome would it be if I could just find that white top a girl in Bangalore Central Mall had worn! A similar top would go so well with my long skirt," I whispered in my husband's ears when the product was up for demo. 

I updated my Flipkart App immediately so that this feature could be easily used whenever I wanted to buy something. All I needed to do was to point and shoot. This would help in situations where one would like to have a similar product but wouldn't be very concerned if it was of the same brand. In future it could help people living in rural areas to just be able to buy a refrigerator or a cooler by just clicking a picture from a newspaper Ad or using a picture available online. Such is the vision of Flipkart and its team in providing solutions to citizens of this country and from all walks of life. They certainly have a promising future ahead.  

The Team activity
After a short introductory demo and Q&A session we were segregated into groups of twenty. It was a team activity where each team had to click a picture of any kind of fashion product which was around and search for a similar or the same product through the Flipkart App by using the new Point-Shoot-Buy feature. It was fun. We were struggling to get good pictures because of the dim lighting inside. Each team managed to get many fashion products in it respective cart. We were all struggling to get the perfect images that could match with the product. We had many options to search for under the fashion category. Shoes, sandals, watches, bags, scarfs, sunglasses, t shirts, shirt, skirts, bracelet, necklace, bangles, earrings, make-up products and many more products were chosen from the vast range of options we had. After this, an employee from Flipkart was sent to judge each team for the product match. We had to point out the product and show it on the app's cart. We were judged on the closeness of the image search in the app to the actual product.With a lot of addition and deletion our team ended up with 23 correct matches. Although we were not the winning team , this group activity helped me in getting to know 19 more bloggers. The team with the maximum number of products match was chosen the winner. Another highlight of this meet was the book reading session by two authors,Varsha Dutta and Parmita Borah whose stories were among the "Ten Love Stories", published by IndiBlogger and Harper Collins as a part of the Get Published contest. It was an inspiring experience to hear them tell about their stories. We also got a copy of the book along with personalized book marks from the author. Overall, it was a day well spent. Thanks to IndiBlogger!

New found blogger friends( Pic Courtesy- Madhumita Phukan)
 Picture courtesy : IndiBlogger

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