Friday, August 21, 2015

Will my life get easier with Airtel 4G?

Airtel 4G challenge Ad is the new buzz in the Ad world. Everyone is trying to take up the challenge to prove that Airtel 4G is faster than any other network. On the contrary, I am still wondering if my life will really get easier with 4G? I am still pondering over upgrading to a 4G SIM, even though I am an Airtel user from the past 10 years. 3G has been working fine so far but sometimes I hardly get proper internet connectivity even  in Bangalore. But if 4G works there cannot be anything better than this. 

Currently, I have Airtel Broadband at home which has not been quite good when it comes to the Upload speed. In order to get a network connection with an equally good Upload and Download speed we switched over to ACT on a trial basis. I have been paying double of the internet bill from the past 2 months because Airtel Broadband did not help me much. If I get it upgraded to 4G and the speed is as desired I would do away with an extra internet connection at home. I will be able to have an internet connection which will suffice for everything.  

My husband and I are into Candid photography and we have our clients from different parts of the country. Once their wedding moments are captured and the time comes to send them the soft copy of the photos we hesitate because of a bad upload speed we have with Airtel Broadband. We have resorted to sending them pictures in a pen drive and later we courier it to them. Although, there are so many options to upload photos online and send it to the couple. Even if we do try uploading photos online we wait for 2 days so that 1000+ pictures can be uploaded. Airtel 4G should certainly help us for all this. 

Now, that many websites are becoming App only, like Myntra where I try shopping often for fashion products, I have to resort to mobile internet connection also. Whenever I am not at home and I need to use the internet, 3G comes in handy for me. I have been happy with Airtel 3G so far but in many situations the network vanishes suddenly and my payment gets stuck midway. In such situations 4G will come in handy. 

I am a blogger and also an avid reader. While travelling I suddenly feel like either writing and reading a book. I have started buying E-books more now. If network is as fast as 4G I can buy books easily and also keep blogging through the phone. 

If 4G turns out fast, downloading movies within 5-10 minutes will be a dream come true. I can also watch all the English TV Series and catch up with the latest episodes instead of keeping it for download overnight. Watching movies in phone will also be possible. I can also download songs through or I can listen to the songs when I am offline also. Hoping the unbelievable speed will help me in the future. 


Unknown said...

So, it is good that you are getting good response from the Airtel 4G network. It is a really high speed network for browsing and downloading over the internet. Thanks for the post!!

Ali said...

what is rate of Airtel 4G in Delhi? Please give the details of recharge offers list day wise.

Kavya Chauhan said...

I want a Airtel 4G internet plan so will you please send me the airtel customer care number, for more numbers visit