Wednesday, July 2, 2008


This title was given to the picture that you can see here.
I have taken from my friend’s flickr blog : Vaidyanathan's Photo Magic"

It is one of the best of the so called ‘simple’ yet classy photographic skills I have seen so far. Of all the photos there I liked this one. It clicked something in me.
First, because of the way it has been taken and second reason is that I am south Indian. This lamp is quite common in south Indian families. It is called the “Kaamakshi Vilaku” (in Tamil). Only one, is lighted if it has to be but as the tradition says we generally light two oil lamps at home but this ONE lamp serves the purpose. It is named after Goddess Kaamakshi who is said to reside in Kancheepuram.

I felt like penning down a few lines when I saw this photo.

When I look at it, I feel I am watching a lamp of eternity,
It is just a flame, but it gives me serenity.

A simple oil lamp but it has the power to enlighten the divine.
The flame burns and so does it speak.

It gives the message: “One flame can do it all……”

So, what does that mean?

No body can do everything but everyone can do something.

1000 candles are not always needed to lighten a place, 1000 hands are not always required when it comes to doing something good.

It just passes on the message that the effort of ONE can also do wonders.


Ydntn said...

Yaar tussi great ho! :)
You have a very imaginative mind, and i am very happy for the fact that a photo taken by me has inspired someone :)
Talking honestly, i am always inspired by a small flame (lamp) in a completely dark room, with no other lights....
The metallic touch given by the silver kamakshi figure spawns light in various shades, capturing every essence of the moment..
thanks archana for your inspiration that's so very communicable :)

Power of Words said...

Most welcome ji!! Aap aise hi achche achche photo kheechte raho aur main likhti rahungi!! shayad koi plot bhi ban jaaye!!
kyun? sahi hai na?:P

डॉ .अनुराग said...

wow archna...seems serious today...

अबरार अहमद said...

veri nice

Dr. Zakir Ali Rajnish said...

Good post. Lovely Photograph. Congrats.

Power of Words said...

Thanks Zakir Ji!