Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I found this while reading...

In an article published in a newspaper, I found a section where it was alloted only for literary reviews and articles. It was a column where it was written about William Shakespeare. I am a great fan of his plays and whatever he has contributed to English Literature. The writer who is an eminent poet himself quotes after analysing Shakespeares' plays. There have been many critical appreciations and also there have been guide books that explain about the different moods in which he wrote his plays.

The writer quoted, " The character may bear different names,the events may happen at different places but the lines are all alike." When I read it myself I realized that it was actually true. I have studied three of his plays, ' Julius Caesar', 'The Tempest' and ' Othello' in detail and this holds true.

Have you ever felt this?


PD said...

i also find these things.. i don't know how many plays i read, but almost all the story line was same..

डॉ .अनुराग said...

same here