Sunday, May 18, 2008

Am I obsessed??? There’s nothing much to worry. I’m neither obsessed with someone nor with love.

Anywhere, anything...When, my mind works. I generally carry a pen and paper with me wherever I go; if I don’t have I manage to get one. It is based on what’s going in my mind because I can’t keep things inside... it has to come out some way or the other. Either I talk or I write. Writing helps me when I don’t have someone around who understands me. If not a pen and paper then I have my mobile in hand. If not a write-up then possibly a ‘Shayari’. Of late this habit is becoming too much I feel. Even if I have a small chit I need to write something in that. Be it the library, railway station, hospital or in the auto rickshaw. People watching me were wondering as to what I was writing so fast. It was just that I was getting so much in my mind at a time that I needed to write.

I was in the hospital with my grandmother for 2 days and I started writing there too. People around kept looking at me quizzically and someone even came and asked me as to what I was writing. I didn’t know how to explain? I just said, “I am studying something.” Even my mom wonders what I write but never bothers to ask me much. That’s how she is as she has been seeing this since when I myself don’t know??? She keeps kidding and says one thing, “What do you write so much I don’t know? If you go at this rate you can write a thesis I think. Interested in doing PhD?”

Seeing the way I write, I remember my school days when we had to write at least 4-5 pages for an essay or a story. That time I somehow managed to fill those pages and reach the word limit. 4 pages seemed such a big thing for me. This was my condition when I was in the 11th and 12th standard. I used to feel bugged while writing. Even in board exams I felt bored but now these 4-5 pages seem nothing to me.

That’s another progress in my writing skill and I have got people who encourage me to write. As a writer I can write well in English and Hindi only but I would love to learn some more and write, at least start writing in my mother tongue which seems to be a very difficult task for me even now.

Writing is my passion and my latest obsession… Hope this passion remains alive forever as it is my savior in times of distress.

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