Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jharkhand....going down!!

Don't know what's happening to the state affairs here. It has been three years that I have not been able to spend time in Jamshedpur properly. I come as a guest and go. This time, when i came home I was shocked to see the newspaper and also the local news channel- ETV Jharkhand. There have been so many fights, processions, the so called-" danga-fasaad"in the colloquial language. It has been alomost 15 days that I am at home and in this duration there have been, ' bands', thrice. People have been charged by the police who were responsible for violating the decorum of the respective cities in the state. After the formation of Jharkhand there was a ray of hope regarding the progress of the state but now, it seems to be coming down to where it was before.

The other day I had to go to Ranchi for my JNU entrance exam. One day before I read in the newspaper that there was going to be, ' Jharkhand bandh' on 18th. How would I go for the exam?? I was so tensed. Just to avoid problems I had to start off at about 4:AM in the morning but fortunately there was nothing of that sort. I came back safely.

The next day morning when I was hearing the news I found that there was so much of commotion in Ranchi on Monday. There was firing and also many women were hurt who were involved in the procession. I didn't feel like reading the newspaper after that. Every morning I get up and see THIS............

Don't know what is going to happen??

The irony here is that, with all this happening, there are a handful from Jharkhand who have qualified in THE UPSC examination by securing good ranks this time!!!


PD said...

I was in CKP(chakradharpur) for 3-4 yrs when i was a kid.. after that i shifted in Patna.. but affection from Jamshedpur is still alive.. bcoz my mom belongs from there..

when i was there(1992-1996), at that time almost every week there was a Jharkhand band happened.. and we all kids were very happy bcoz we didn't had to go school on that day..

after reading your this posting all things run in my mind just like a flash back movie.. :)

PD said...

हां, मेरी मम्मी वहीं जमशेदपुर में पली-बढी है.. मेरे नानाजी वहां काम करते थे..
और क्या बात है पिछले 2-3 दिनों से कुछ नहीं लिख रही हो?? मुझे कल आफिस में बहुत काम था सो कल जवाब नहीं दे सका.. :)

Harshit Gupta said...

well, congrats! good going.