Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Set on yet another journey……..

It was 10:PM. I was in Chennai Central(6-5-2008),standing outside my train. I had arranged my luggage in my place and had come down to have a cup of coffee. As soon as I came down I saw many VITians , all familiar faces moving here and there searching for a good place to eat. Whoever passed, just smiled. One of my juniors asked me’ “ Kya didi? Ho gaye na 3 saal poore?? Masti na??”
I just didn’t know what to say. I caressed her on her head and said, “ Meri padhai abhi poori nahi hui . Mere liye zindagi ke aur kayi mushkil padaav hain.” I spoke these lines and I realized how difficult it was to accept this. I was going to miss everything… I had already started feeling a lot. May be I land in the same college but the same atmosphere won’t be there. I might be walking past the same road, same corridor but without my friends, who made my 3 years so wonderful. I had learnt so much, come up as an individual, as a human being and I had got to learn the way to live life.. There is yet another journey ready for me.

Since then I started feeling that every little thing I do, I feel like expressing it. I was listening to songs , watching T.V, observing people and the very next moment I would think of sharing it with my close friends but none of them were around. It was just distance. Every moment I remembered them. Each one for his/her own way… It was very difficult for me then… Movies, music, gossip, my information which I used to share often with my friends, everything seemed so much within me. How could I share everything with mom and dad??? God!! Three years of college life… It was terrible to be like that. I tried to keep myself busy but those golden moments brought tears into my eyes. I was just quiet. I knew I had to accept all this and life will move on but how could one stop thinking of someone who changed my life???? People come and go but there are some who have a great impact in our lives that we can’t stop thinking of them.

I was missing “ My Angel in Disguise”.

I had a whole lot of topics which were occupying my mind. I didn’t have time but whenever I felt like expressing I did. I had no other platform except my pen and paper. My diary that would be so handy . It was something that would be there with me always. Something I owned and a place where I could say anything.. Some form of support in those times when no one was around. I just heaved a sigh of relief. I was feeling a lot better after writing and I just Thank God for giving me one such way of expression which gave me confidence. There are so many who can’t express their thoughts and find it difficult when they do not have someone around but I am still so lucky that I am able to express myself. This is my biggest asset and God’s Gift!! Thanks to my mom and dad and all my teachers who taught me to read and write…. It’s a privilege .


Kaushik Vedam said...

I guess you are feeling nostalgic.

PD said...

Great.. good to see another nice blog of a VITan.. :)
Keep it up..