Monday, May 26, 2008

Jab We Met

This is not a movie review that I am going to give but I am going to tell about a movie that I ‘love’. Basically, I am not a person who will love to watch all the movies but if there is good company I can watch anything and yes, provided I have time to pass. There are many movies which I have liked a lot and they have good lessons to be taken from them but this was a movie which I love. It is the only movie till date that I have watched more than 10 times. Yesterday the count went to 11 as I watched it again with mom.
This movie has got a lot in it. It has got simplicity. That was the best thing in it. It reached through the people. I learnt so much from the movie. This movie has also got some other instances which make it all the more close to my heart. The music is awesome. I didn’t hear it before watching the movie. It was only when my friends told me did I hear the song, still I didn’t find it so interesting at one go but when I saw the movie, I liked it. Soon the songs were at my tongue tips and then my favorite was “Tum se hi…” A beautiful song sung by Mohit Chauhan . It has got life in it. Tears of happiness trickle down my eyes when I listen to this song. It’s not only me but I have observed many when they hear this song. They go to a different world. The characters are practical. You can of course find such people around.

Yet another thing I found out about this movie a week ago that the director Imtiaz Ali is a native of Jamshedpur, another hidden talent from the Steel City. He was honoured here last month for his wonderful debut movie.

I think all must have watched this movie at least once. If not then please do watch it. You’ll like it.

Check this out. It's my fav.

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