Monday, May 19, 2008

Jaane tu ….ya Jaane na....

Of late, I don’t have much time to watch television. If at all I do, it is just for some songs in MTV “KickAss” mornings or some songs in the recent Hit list. This song… “Kabhi Kabhi... Aditi hans de...” from the movie Jaane tu... ya Jaane na... is something that I loved at first sight. The video is cute, the song is also good. The music is by the great A.R. Rehman himself and I have good expectations form the others too.
I just can’t keep my eyes off the video. On the whole this movie is something which I will look forward too after long. May be it doesn’t run in the Box office much it will be something I will like.

It somewhere seems to close to my heart. I see my friends there. The punch line that says-“So when do you know its love?” is also considerable. Does anyone know when actually?? It is “Love?


Harshit Gupta said...

finally on a roll... good!

Kaushik Vedam said...

this song is really cool...make me feel that the best moments are yet to come in life and I should forget my bad times....Its been only 2 days back the music album released and I have heard the song nearly 50 times....waiting for the movie release now..