Monday, May 19, 2008

Me and my weirdness

Some of my close friends’ say- ‘I am weird.’
My choice is unique and which something normal people don’t like. I don’t know how many here with have such choices like…

I love Tropicana orange juice
- Glucon-D orange flavor (it’s my favorite drink) I prefer this more than Coke or Pepsi.
- I like Nimbu pani with extra salt which is generally given to patients.
- I like watery khichidi.( again it’s only meant for sick people)
- I like to mix Coke and fanta and add salt and chaat masala to it and drink. ( which generally normal people don’t like)
- Idli with tomato sauce.
- Karela with dahi.
- I am great fan of Aishwarya Rai and I think people generally don’t like her except for her looks.
- I have this habit of Sleep- Writing.
- At times I cry in those scenes in a movie where people don’t find any emotion like that.
- For e.g.: I like the movie “Kyun! Ho gaya na? It’s not for the actors or the whole story line (by the way there was no story in that) but for something I don’t know about. I am saying this because I was seeing it for the 5th time and still I didn’t feel bored and I don’t even have much time that I can waste it watching a movie like this for the 5th time. Still, I did watch it!!!
- Colors… at times those flashy colors seem to attract me... Like fluorescent green, orange… though they are not a part of my daily usage neither my favorite colors. I get attracted to them.
- I love Multi-tasking. This is an art which people learn because it is essential to manage many things at time in this competitive world.
- Most of the things I do are by ‘taking tension.’ Don’t know when I will learn to be calm!

I don’t think it’s that weird as I feel there will be at least someone who has such choices.

People around me also think that my choice of the so called
‘Special friends’ is generally weird. I can’t say much on this as certain people whom I consider a lot turn out to be ‘The Weird’ ones in the eyes of my so called ‘ Normal friends’.
Some call me an ‘Alien’ also as there are certain feelings which ‘Humans’ don’t have.

Contradicting all these views I still feel that I have my own unique choice and they turn out to be the best in some way or the other but if I put myself in the shoes of the others I think I can call myself weird. It’s actually exciting for me as it is another discovery that I made. I got a reason that I can laugh thinking about my own self.

But… as the saying goes...- “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. My choice is beauty to my eyes.

I think you would all agree to it. Everyone loves their own style no matter how much we try to improve ourselves or try to even copy someone.

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Kaushik Vedam said...

fanta coke mix with some salt and chaat masala is really refreshing...I have had that many time is Jsr during my high school days....its been a while I had that combination drink..But you made me remember my good old days...