Sunday, May 25, 2008

The crime cases of today- How far justifiable?

To talk about the recent crime cases here, the recent Aarushi murder case. I really don’t understand the truth behind the alibi given by the suspected, including the parents. Sometimes it’s kind of harassment for parents to be questioned like this whose only daughter has been killed. How would the parents’ feel if their child has been killed? On the other hand how can someone deny the proof that has come up by the probe conducted?
These cases also throw light upon the insecure feelings that still prevails in the teenagers. Parents need to be there for support and guidance and ignorance in such cases can at times lead to such cases coming up frequently. At times I shudder thinking of the girl. She had hardly started living her life and she had to face a brutal murder. Not only Aarushi but there are many more who live in an insecure world. What is their fate! I can just say that the media has got another case to be showcased for the coming days. Most of it seems a gossip than reality. God knows what’s the truth??

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PD said...

निदा फ़ालमी कि एक नज़्म याद आ रही है जो कुछ ऐसी थी..

हर चेहरे में दस चेहरें हैं..
जिन्हें देखो हज़ार बार देखो..