Wednesday, June 18, 2008

3 mistakes of my life

Book Review

As the book says : 3 mistakes of my life

This book will be high in the expectations of the people because the author is such.

It starts on an interesting note but goes dull when one actually starts relating it to reality. then one has to think, it is FICTION.

257 pages with 22 chapters, one prologue and 2 epilogues, this book is a typical Chetan Bhagat kind. As it onvolves friends, unacceptable relationships, mistakes,failure and despair.The new thing here is 'Cricket'. Just to throw light upon the Indian ness in the writer.

Slowly after chapter 5 &6 the stroygets pace.

- It talks about cricket, religious politics, calamaities, unacceptable love and the mistakes , about 3 friends Omi, Ishaan and Govind.

- It talks about Ahmedabad, probably more coz the author has direct relation with it.

- It talks about business and it's position in India.

- It talks about Gujrati's and their mentality.

- It is a treat for die hard cricket fans who eat, sleep and drink cricket. For a person like me who is least interested in cricket this book held on my spirits.

- To add 0on, there is romance in between, just for a change in the track.

- As the narrator talks about the 3 mistakes of his life the readers are forced to plunge into their own lives as well. Coz mistakes are made and they have to be corrected. May be they are not the same in everyone's life.

- Ending of course was good.

- It shows the power a writer has and i think it is another commendable job of Chetan Bhagat.

- many would like it and many would not as it has a dull beginning to it.It is not like the other 2 books of his but if one finds this book as a learning guide then it is worth it.

- I can say when i finished reading this book which took, a day for me, i was out of that guilt. I felt i had got something out of it.

Many may or may not light book but it depends on how one interprets.

If yopu have not yet tried this do get yourself a cpoy or if you have read give your views about it.

It surely has got the Chetan Bhagat magic in it.

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PD said...

When it came??
I don't know dear..
but next weekend(Not on coming weekend) i'm going to read this book.. :)